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A family transformed and oriented to life in Christ

Anne’s father, Richard, longed for his family to become Christians.

“Anne had grown up going to church with me about once a month. It was just me and her. She seemed to enjoy coming along but wouldn’t say much about it.”


It wasn’t until Anne got to Year 6 and she was engaged by her Scripture teacher—known as SRE (Special Religious Education) in NSW and RI (Religious Instruction) in Queensland—that her attitude toward following Jesus changed.

Because of SRE, Anne was sure she wanted to be baptised.

“Anne was interested in Jesus before going to Scripture classes, but she became really excited to follow Him … thanks to her Year 6 SRE teacher. Anne felt SRE was like having a door opened to a better understanding of Christianity.

“Because of SRE, Anne was sure she wanted to be baptised and she didn’t want to wait. She joined the Bible reading classes at our local Anglican church and began attending Sunday school there.”

But the full impact of Anne’s decision was yet to come!

Richard continues, “My wife Cynthia was born in Malaysia and belongs to a Buddhist family. Most of Anne’s uncles and aunts are strongly Buddhist. When Anne told her mum that she really wanted to be baptised, Cynthia surprised me when she decided she would support Anne’s decision by regularly going to church with her.

“Cynthia soon found she wanted to attend church for herself to hear the sermon! Hearing God’s word preached struck a chord … which led her to be baptised alongside Anne, and Anne’s brother, George!”

Scripture in schools is helping young people like Anne orient themselves to life in Christ. And even more than that, it is helping to bring the hope and love of Jesus to whole families.

As Richard says, “SRE has had a big impact on our family. I was so happy … our whole family has now become Christian.”

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