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A heart for gospel ministry in Malaysia

Michael Woo grew up in Malaysia and came to Australia in 2008 to pursue undergraduate studies in Medicine at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).


Before coming to Sydney, he was a nominal Christian, and “… definitely not living God’s way.” For Michael, “salvation was based on performance” and he had “no assurance of salvation.”

While he’d been an active church goer, Michael “didn’t even know whether Jesus was a real person or just a story.”

“I learnt the gospel … and had my world flipped upside down.”

After attending a charismatic church in Sydney, some other students invited him to join FOCUS International Church’s Bible studies. He had lots of questions, but when he observed the lives of genuine Christianity in the church, his interest was piqued.

He found the preaching on sin and grace at FOCUS church to be different. This culminated in a talk on 1 Corinthians 15 on the resurrection. He realised that Jesus was Lord “… whether he liked it or not”, and that he needed to decide where he stood. Over the following days, Michael ended a relationship with a woman who was not a Christian. His life was changing.

As Michael explains, “I learnt the gospel, the Bible, and over time, had my world flipped upside down.” He continued studying medicine but, by 2011, he started to consider full-time ministry seriously. He “devised a 10-year plan” which he has “largely stuck to”, as God has continued to work in his life and give him a heart for the gospel in Malaysia.

Joe explains why he chose Moore College to study full-time for Gospel ministry.

After finishing medicine, Michael moved to Brisbane to work. He attended the English congregation of the Chinese Christian Church Brisbane called SLE (pastored by an ex-Moore college and ex-CBS Trainee). He co-led a Bible study group for university students, and also briefly attended a number of rural churches during placements as a medical practitioner.

He started the Bachelor of Divinity at Moore College in 2018. He still attends FOCUS International Church at UNSW, and he is also serving in a Student Ministry role at New College Village, UNSW, where he lives with his wife Eunice. He runs weekly Bible studies, and tries to encourage evangelism. He leads monthly services, helps to run the Christian Fellowship, meets up with students and reads the Bible with them.

Michael has grasped something of the “bigness of God’s plan”

He says that Moore College has exceeded his expectations. “It has shown me the depth and richness of scriptures, biblical theology and doctrine, and Old Testament classes have been really enriching, with many ‘wow’ moments.”

He loves College community and chapel services, as well as the emphasis on prayer and mission. In his words, he has grasped something of the “bigness of God’s plan” and that “God must work for any ministry to succeed. Through God’s kindness and strengthening, Eunice and I have grown.” His heart is for gospel ministry in Malaysia and they plan to return after he graduates.

Do you, like Michael, have a heart for gospel ministry? Moore College can help to prepare you for this vital work. Applications to join us in 2019 are still being accepted. Click here to apply.

Trevor Cairney – Head of Moore College Foundation

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