An investment worth making: Morling College scholarships making an impact

For many, education is the medium to a better life, a way to a brighter and better future. I think of my mother who was newly married when she moved to the United States from Mexico. After years of cleaning houses, raising three children alongside my father, a young pastor, and caring for a young congregation she began her journey in higher education.

Now, nearly 20 years later she holds two Master’s degrees and directs and oversees a bustling education facility with over sixty children. I recently asked her what was the most challenging aspect of her studies. I thought she would say learning a new language, raising three children or balancing work and school but she said the cost of education was one of the highest stressors.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation, excited and ready to take on the challenge and feel God inviting you to take a step into the discipline of study but are doubtful of how to make ends meet. You are not alone, a recent study shows that finances are one of the top five challenges facing students today[1].

The good news is Morling College is responding to this challenge with scholarship opportunities. An important aspect of their program is to encourage churches, organisations and even individuals to partner with the College in matching scholarships to cover fees. Matching scholarships are key to making the scholarship fund sustainable, but more than that, emphasises their desire to see students grow and develop holistically as they study, serve and connect with others.

Here are a few stories of a few 2021 scholarship recipients that are growing and thriving at Morling thanks to various donors and organisations that believe that education is transformative.

(Master of Education – Leadership)

Meet Juliet. She is a Ugandan, wife and mother of five who has desired to equip and mentor teachers and leaders in Uganda for decades, but the financial burden of higher education made this dream seem like an impossibility. This year “the Lord answered her prayers” and she received a scholarship to pursue a Masters of Education in Leadership.

The financial freedom has enabled her to grow in her leadership skills, and in her first trimester, she has “effectively trained 250 Christian educators” on how to think biblically and critically.

(Graduate Diploma Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care)

“God has been preparing me for chaplaincy my whole life,” says Catherine. She has always desired and felt a Divine invitation to pursue a vocation in championing and pastoring those in need. Catherine felt doubtful due to financial constraints but she applied for Morling and a scholarship despite it, and she got it! “As a recipient of this scholarship, financial burdens that threatened to distract and cripple me have fallen to the ground and I can study and prepare for ministry…”

(Master of Divinity)

Full-time vocational ministry is challenging to say the least. One must be poised in soul care, teaching and preaching and some instances are faced with the lack of financial resources. So when Dean, a bi-vocational church planter and father, received the Tinsley scholarship during one of the most unprecedented seasons of his life he was overjoyed. “The scholarship funds were an incredible blessing to support my family as we invest into the kingdom work of church planting.” He is now one step closer to completing his Masters of Divinity.

So what’s stopping you? Whether you dream of pursuing a career in Counselling, Chaplaincy, Education or Bible & Theology there is a scholarship for you. Regardless of age, location or season of life Morling believes in you. Won’t you prayerfully consider applying for one of our scholarships? Talk to your church or workplace about the possibility of matching funding. God might surprise you yet.

To apply for a scholarship or to learn more about investing in the scholarship program follow this link.

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