Christians feel at sea morally

One of the most crippling realities for Christians today is the constant bombardment of information available through the internet. But it isn’t just the factual kinds of information, it is the opinions. Everyone seems to have an opinion about everything.

As I speak to Christians, I find many worried they’ve missed some key piece of information and will get left behind. This fear isn’t about not knowing all the facts, but instead landing on the wrong side of public opinion — the seat of moral authority in our contemporary society.

We want Christians to stand confident that this is God’s world, and his ways are what is best for humanity.

In this context, how can Christians have confidence in their faith and not conform to the spirit of the age? Many Christians in our churches often feel alone in their struggle with matters they encounter in the workplace, school, or home. Although they attend church where they are exposed (hopefully) to faithful Bible teaching, they still have lingering questions about how to engage with the onslaught of the culture they live in. There is an ever-growing urgency for Christians to be equipped for thoughtful interaction with the world.

This is the reason the Centre for Christian Living (CCL) exists: to bring biblical ethics to everyday issues. We provide a range of free online resources —consisting of digestible digital reads, thought-provoking videos, and stimulating podcast episodes. These can be accessed by individuals, discipleship pairs, small groups or even church staff teams. We also host several events per year that talk about relevant issues facing Christians, with material from these events published on our website and available through other channels afterwards.

All these resources are aimed at helping Christians consider how to think with Christ at the forefront of their minds. We don’t want Christians to cower in the face of challenges to their worldview. Instead, we want Christians to stand confident that this is God’s world, and his ways are what is best for humanity. We want to show people how a rich theology developed from careful engagement with the Bible affects practical living in the world. Furthermore, we want people to realise that they are not alone: they stand in the company of many today and many throughout the ages who have held these convictions.

For those unfamiliar with CCL, I often encourage them to subscribe to our podcast as a starting point. Twice a month, we deliver relevant and practical discussions about matters we face in life. In the past six months, we’ve had special guests discussing topics such as:

In our podcast episodes, we’ve aimed to help Christians understand why the issues addressed create tension in our lives. We’ve offered some analysis of cultural demands, speaking openly about why life is so complicated, but have also given some practical advice about what it means to be a disciple of Christ encountering these challenges.

I hope that you will explore the many rich resources on our website that we’ve curated over the past few years of ministry through CCL. These resources have benefited Christians in more than 22 countries around the world, with an increasing global reach. And there’s a great need to keep producing resources to reach more Christians who feel at sea morally.

Under God, we seek your support to:

  • Improve our livestream facilities allowing more people across the globe to access Christ-focussed resources.
  • Bring in expert speakers who can help listeners to bring the good news of Jesus into their worldviews and lives.
  • Publish material in various formats accessible to disciples of Christ around the world.

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Dr Chase Kuhn lectures in Christian Doctrine and Ethics at Moore College and serves as the director of the Centre for Christian Living.

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