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Equipping you to live your faith at work

Sydney’s Morling College shares many ways of being Christian on the job

Morling College Principal Ross Clifford is fond of saying that its alumni find themselves in all parts of the world, doing all sorts of things. From Professor of Economics in Sydney, through to being a teacher in Nepal or financier in Europe, there are countless ways which Morling graduates are used by God as agents of his transforming kingdom in the world.


Recently, I was able to speak with people in the workforce about how they see their faith informing their life and work. More than a few were Morling graduates, and it was great to hear how their studies had contributed to what they are now doing; to what God is now doing through them in the world. One of our students now heads up a Christian financial institution which is committed to investment strategies which lead to communities flourishing — including investing in ‘marginal’ communities to build their capacity and enhance their on-going development.

Interestingly, this is not only theologically and ethically sound, it is economically sound — these are among their better performing investments. It’s not hard to see how time at Morling has helped shape that company and the lives of those they touch.

Given that many of our graduates find themselves serving God beyond the confines of the Church, we thought it was time we sharpened our focus on equipping women and men for those roles.

Morling College Faith & Work Seminar

This seminar will bring together speakers from various industries and backgrounds to discuss how they live their faith at work. Speakers will then participate in a panel discussion that engages with the audience.

While Morling will never abandon its commitment to training people for pastoral ministry and mission service, we are also committed to training all people for their ministry and mission in God’s world. The aim of the ‘Faith & Work’ day is to dismantle the artificial divide between the world of faith/Church/Sunday and the world of work/life/Monday. It also is to encourage and challenge you to ensure that you (and others) can see your faith at work.

By attending the one-day seminar, you will see that your faith makes a difference to who you are and what you do at work. You also will discover that your work contributes to the world of faith —what God is doing in the world to bring about kingdom transformation — and that’s how God values it.

The Seminar will feature keynote speakers including Principal of McCrindle Research, Mark McCrindle; not-for-profit specialist Peter Murphy, the former CEO of Christian Super; Andrew Sloane, Morling College’s Director of Postgraduate Studies; and John Sandeman, editor of Eternity.

There will also be representatives from many different industries, sharing their own story about living out their faith at work. These include Human Rights lawyer Hashini Panditharatne; State Executive Officer of NSW/ACT Christian Schools Australia, Cassandra Pendlebury; Felicity Hill, BaptistCare Residential Manager; Tim Cornish, the Managing Director of North Constructions; Keith Mitchell, a lecturer in Pastoral and Practical Studies; Gabrielle Macaulay, a Critical Care Nurse; and Tim Blencowe, Senior Pastor at Macquarie Baptist Church.

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Rev. Dr Andrew Sloane

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Faith & Work Seminar

Calendar Icon08/07/2017

clock icon9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Map Marker IconMorling College, 122 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113