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Give a goat to refugee Christians in Uganda

Life-changing help for an orphan boy

Gideon lost both his parents to the violence in South Sudan. Just imagine his distress – orphaned and alone in the vast refugee camp. Gideon longed to attend school, but it seemed impossible; he could barely survive on the meagre food rations he received in the camp let alone find a way to pay school fees.


But the Lord made a way for Gideon. While attending church, he received practical Christian love in the form of a goat, sent by Barnabas supporters.

Gideon now has not only a means to survive and thrive on the nourishment his new companion will give him, but will also have an income to realise his dream of education that will give him hope and a future. For Gideon, this goat has truly been a life-giving gift of love.

He told Barnabas, “I am very happy for being given this goat and I pray that God will use [the goat] to be a source of income to support me every day.”

The gift of a goat has helped many refugee orphans gain access to school.

Christian families lost everything when they fled war in South Sudan

Our Christian brothers and sisters in South Sudan have experienced terrible trauma and suffering in their war-torn and hunger-wracked country. As many as two million of them have been forced to flee.

Many of these stricken Christians settled in Camp Rhino, a vast refugee camp in Uganda. Although now safe from violence, these Christians – who left behind land, possessions and livelihoods – are destitute and with little hope of becoming self-sufficient again.

Orphaned boy Gideon told his story to our partner as he received his goat. With the income he can make from the goat’s produce, he will be able to go to school.

A gift of a goat can change everything for destitute refugee Christians

Through Barnabas, Christian refugee families are being given a female goat that will enable them to rebuild their lives and livelihoods once more.

Feeding on waste scrubland, the goat provides nutritious milk as well as manure to fertilise crops. By selling the excess milk or offspring, the refugee families are able to make a modest income that can buy them food and medicine and send their children to school.

Selling just one young goat provides the family with enough money to pay one child’s school fees including all their school essentials for a whole year.

Families are asked to pass on the first female kid born from their goat to another “goatless” family who in turn will do the same once their female goat gives birth. And so the wonderful multiplication process begins – the average female will produce one to three kids twice a year.

Thousands of Christian families can gain nourishment and a means of income as the goats are distributed. The road to self-sufficiency opens up to them, restoring both sustenance and self-respect.

Will you give a gift that keeps on giving?

Barnabas aims to provide long-term sustainability for 2,400 Christian families from 35 congregations in Camp Rhino. Their offspring will continue to bless, as more and more and more families benefit from the gift of a newborn kid.

“May God bless Barnabas Fund,” said Pastor Scopas, one of the church leaders in the camp. “Our children will have meat and milk. This will contribute to eliminating malnutrition among the children and breast-feeding mothers. It is amazing that many of our Christians that had lost all their animals in South Sudan have some animals to graze.”

To give hope for the future it is crucial that these Christians, including many orphans, can become self-sufficient again.

A gift of $57 will provide one female goat for a Christian refugee family in Camp Rhino, Uganda.

A donation of any amount will help to provide a goat, giving a Christian refugee family the precious gift of self-sustainability, to the glory of God.

Can you give one female goat to a Christian refugee family in Camp Rhino, Uganda?