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“Mummy, am I going to school today?” – Shalom’s blindness stops her playing and going to school … Yet, for just $7, this could easily begin to change!

Shalom feels left out every day. She can’t play, she finds it hard to make friends, and worst of all, she can’t go to school anymore as she can’t see the board.

Shalom has cataracts in both her eyes. And they’re forcing this bright, gentle little girl into a life of loneliness. Her mother, Fridah tells us, “Shalom cries, ‘Mummy, they knocked me down.’ The children mock her and say ‘Shalom talaba … Shalom is blind! She cannot see!’”

Fridah, her mother, fights back tears of her own and she says, “When other children laugh at her and knock her down, I feel like I want to cry too.”

So to stay safe from their taunts, Shalom spends her days sitting in the darkness of her doorway, all alone.

And yet, there is a simple and powerful way to stop the teasing and dry Shalom’s tears. All it takes is you, and your gift of $7 today.

Let me explain how! Shalom will have an operation to remove the cataracts from her eyes but, without a pair of glasses so her eyes can focus, she will not see well enough to go to school.

Thankfully, CBM are world experts in treating blindness, and we’re on the ground in the poorest countries in the world.

This means children like Shalom can receive glasses to be able to return to school and play. But we can’t do it without you.

Will you give $7 so a little girl like Shalom can see, and succeed?

It’s a gift that will give her a chance of education and future opportunities!

Without you, we fear Shalom will always be left out …

Fridah‘s biggest wish is that Shalom can see and be just like the other children.

Shalom wants to go to school and become a nurse so she can take care of herself and her mum. “She always tells me that she’s my nurse and practices to inject me with small sticks that she plucks from our sweeping broom.”

What a beautiful dream Shalom has…

But, for a little girl in one of the world’s poorest countries, not being able to see is a catastrophe.

Blindness not only stops her playing, but it stops her learning too. Fridah tells us sadly, “Shalom‘s teacher told me that she could not see what they taught on the blackboard, and advised that she stays home until she gets treatment for her eyes.”

It’s been a devastating blow for such a curious and intelligent child.

“Shalom wakes up and asks me: ‘Mummy, am I also going to school today?’ I tell her that she will go back to school when her sight is better … But sometimes I don’t know if it will ever become better.”

With your gift of $7 for glasses, girls like Shalom will go to school again. So when you give a girl a pair of glasses, you can help get her back to school!

You’ll make sure she’s included in the other children’s games, and in education, employment, her community, and the world too! It’s the best way to lift her out of poverty – for her whole lifetime.

Can you believe that a pair of specs for a girl can have an impact for generations to come?

You can give easily and quickly online at And however many pairs of glasses you give, you can be sure CBM’s eye specialists will give a little girl like Shalom the chance to see and to succeed!

Then she won’t be lonely any more. She’ll see and she’ll succeed, all because of you.

Jane Edge is Chief Executive Officer of CBM Australia.

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