How do you self-isolate without a home?

FEBC is providing Hope

Where clean water and food is scarce and social distancing is nearly impossible, coronavirus can simply make things much worse.

This is the daily reality for many of our brothers and sisters in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Whilst restrictions are easing in Australia, COVID-19 continues to spread in heavily populated countries including Africa and Asia – especially Pakistan and India, where people have little food, sanitation, water or medical defences against the disease.

Even before coronavirus, millions around the world were living below the poverty line, often living in slums, doing anything to earn a small living to feed their families. With lockdown restrictions, this has made their survival almost impossible.

The FEBC Director of South Africa, overseeing FEBC’s ministry work in a number of African countries shares: “The reality of lockdown in Africa is not the same as in the US or other developed countries. Here, it means that families have to live inside a small 4×4 metre tin house without running water or electricity. In Africa it means that you cannot sell your 50 packets of peanuts per day that are keeping you and your family alive. It means that you cannot sell your labour for that day in order to buy food. So, this leads to people ignoring the lockdown out of necessity, increasing the spread of the virus, feeding the cycle.”

India has registered one of the world’s highest number of coronavirus infection rates – over 400,000, with the number continually climbing. In a vast country like this, with such a large population, it is certainly difficult to contain the virus through self-isolation – when millions of people don’t even have a home.

FEBC programs are reaching into areas that no one else can reach and are providing listeners with a lifeline.

While FEBC’s primary mission is to bring the Gospel to the world through media, our field countries are finding themselves inundated with calls and requests for basic needs including essential food items. Not only are they reaching people with messages of hope through their broadcasts, they are also connecting with listeners by being the hands and feet of Jesus through practical acts of love.

Our follow-up teams around the world are providing much needed assistance through food parcels, care packages and counselling.

In Ukraine the story is similar – unemployment is at record levels, people are scared and many are displaced after hastily returning home from being abroad in search of work. Now back home, they are left unemployed because work opportunities are almost non-existent because of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The teams in Ukraine are supporting listeners who are in the greatest of need. FEBC Ukraine’s director shares: “We answer about 60 phone calls a day, including many whose needs are especially critical. During COVID-19, the desperation is great. A lot of people are scared and many are losing hope during this time. Our teams are working around the clock to provide online and over-the-phone counselling and practical support, directing callers to other sources of assistance. We are also increasing this support by providing small food packages including essentials such as rice, flour and sugar to show them God’s love in a practical way.”

We share a two-minute video of what is happening in Ukraine at present and how FEBC is very much relied upon as a source of hope for thousands in desperate need.

Even in the face of a pandemic, the Good News of Jesus provides hope, strength and comfort to people living with intense fear and anxiety. FEBC is that source of hope for millions as they listen to our broadcasts and media programs.

Thousands of hours of additional programs are delivering life-giving information, words of comfort, counsel, prayer and hope to millions. Hearing the Bible in a heart language opens ears and touches lives.

FEBC programs are reaching into areas that no one else can reach and are providing listeners with a lifeline. God has given us the privilege of being His voice, His hands and His feet. We would love you to partner with us and learn more about the work of FEBC across the world and bring hope to the unreached and least-reached.

FEBC is seeking urgent donations to speak hope and give practical support to the most vulnerable during COVID-19.

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