If not now, then when?

I first heard the gospel through a youth camp in 2012 and then came to faith when reading the gospels for myself. I have been part of the Cabramatta Anglican Church family since then and am currently serving as their student minister, leading the children’s program – CACTUS (Cabramatta Anglican Church Teaching Us Scripture!).

My husband works at Anglicare, coordinating the Mobile Community Pantry, and we also have a two-year-old daughter named Eva.

I had always thought that one day, in the somewhat distant future, I would go to Moore College in Sydney. Perhaps when I had a lot more time, more money, or when I had memorised the entire Bible (how unreasonable!).

While talking to someone whom I trusted, they asked, “if not now, then when?” It dawned on me that there is never a convenient time to sacrifice time and money so, why not now? There is an urgent need to be trained and to call people to Christ because He is coming again soon.

I have immensely enjoyed how God, through Scripture and His people, is deepening my faith and refining my theology at Moore College.

When earnestly praying and contemplating whether to come to Moore College, I wrote a pros and cons list (as you do with all major decisions!). There were many reasons not to come, far outnumbering the reasons to go to Moore College. I even began to rationalise why it would be better to delay going. But God, in His kindness, began to grow my conviction to go to Moore as He grew my love for His people. I needed to be diligent in accurately handling the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15), particularly when teaching impressionable little kids.

I am currently in my first year at Moore Theological College and boy, has it been a wild ride – I love it! It has been such a joy and privilege to be learning alongside people who love God and who want to serve Him. By no means is college a walk in the park; it has been such a demanding and mind-boggling time. There have been plenty of assignments and essays, but … they were enjoyable! Am I crazy? Maybe! But it sure helps to be studying about the one you love.

I have immensely enjoyed how God, through Scripture and His people, is deepening my faith and refining my theology at Moore College. The lecturers at Moore have continuously upheld the Bible’s authority and been a great example of godly living. It has also been such a joy to get to know my cohort, even during COVID-19. We may have missed many in-person hours together, but we have made up for it through plenty of memes and sweet moments together (online and, now, in-person). Thank God for the way He has gifted us with brothers and sisters in the faith.

I am not quite sure what God has in store for me after college, but I am excited for what He has planned! I do know, however, that I want to continue to do the work of the gospel in teaching children about the risen King Jesus. Please pray that I will joyfully do the good works which God has prepared for me. May we all forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead, pressing on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus! (Philemon 3:13-14).

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