If the wind goes where you send it, so will I

I was happy, wasn’t I? I was a New Age spiritual healer and teacher with a thriving global soul centre based in Sydney, offering courses, sessions, and products with the goal of self-actualisation. I travelled internationally with my teachings and spoke on New Age radio. I was the ‘creator of my own reality’, tuned into the invisible spirit realm to channel healing, spiritual guidance, and wisdom to myself and my clients. I was empowered and had purpose, by helping others to seemingly heal broken pasts and move into oneness with the Divine. My source of love and energy was ‘the universe’.

I felt I had control over life and access to hidden knowledge to explain all the mysteries. But after 13 years of ‘inner work’, why did I still find myself stuck in feelings of deep inadequacy, shame, unresolved grief, anxiety, and addiction? Everything had to be analysed. Moments of spiritual bliss were ultimately unfulfilling as I moved back into the reality of life. Relationships were challenged as it was difficult to be around people who had a ‘lower consciousness’. I kept searching and striving. I was simply exhausted being my own god!

One weekend, a friend invited me to church. That very afternoon, out of curiosity, I had picked up a Bible in our hotel room. So, I accepted her invitation. I was surprised by a totally different church environment to what I expected. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and the modern worship was uplifting. As I listened to the lyrics of So Will I, it hit me like a ton of bricks. My heart exploded. I realised I had been worshipping creation (the universe), not the Creator.

I had got it completely wrong. I realised that He is the love that I had been looking for this whole time. I sank back down into my chair and sobbed and sobbed. I felt a powerful presence of love and wholeness that was inexplicable. After dealing with spiritual energies for so long, this was completely different to anything I had ever experienced.

The preaching made so much sense. It was like a veil had been lifted. The fact that God was not a distant impersonal consciousness, but we could have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus blew my mind. I knew the Bible and Jesus was true. I was hungry, grabbed a Bible, and continued to go to as many services as I could. Within weeks, I ‘officially’ gave my life to Christ, however I believe it happened in an instant that first moment I encountered the one and only God.

I shut down my teachings and business and I was baptised in four months.

After being in the subjective reality of the New Age, I felt God calling me to study. I jumped into a Diploma of Ministry at Morling College, receiving a scholarship. God formed me through the class content and prayer, community life, friendships and most surprisingly, through doing the assessments! It was inspiring to connect with students at different points on their journey. I really felt God walking with me the whole way through it.

I realised that studying theology is not only for academics but for all Christians. The study grounded my faith and taught me how to approach questions and understand different viewpoints, skills I continue to use as I grow in my faith.

Answering that call to study at Morling changed my life forever.

If you have been called to study, I encourage you to explore what Morling has to offer in Bible and Theology, Church Planting, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Education. Applications are open for starting subjects in July.

Answering that call to study at Morling changed my life forever. I don’t need to search anymore. God has given me true freedom. I am forever thankful for the way God met me where I was. Get in touch with one of Morling’s student advisors and let God do the rest.

Morling recognises that the decision of applying for Bible College or to study from a Christian perspective is not an easy one to make. They often pray for the new generation of new students. If you have been thinking about studying, let them know here so they can pray for you and with you.

Read more stories of people who trusted God and responded to His call to study:

Hunor Kicsi Morling “I felt the calling of God into ministry, but I was wrestling with an internal turmoil which told me that I was not ready yet.”
Master of Counselling student at Morling College
Melissa Razey Morling “I wanted to understand more fully some of the theoretical concepts in education from a Biblical perspective.”
Graduate Certificate in Education alumna
Nick Costa Morling “Being involved in College life has provided me with a professional network in local Christian churches and, as a result, I have had many opportunities to preach and lead worship in other churches.”
Master of Divinity student
“At Morling, I’ve gained self-awareness, developed pastoral skills and learned how to care effectively.”
Master of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care alumna

Rebecca Brown was a Morling College student and currently works as one of the college’s Future Student Advisors.

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