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Is it possible to invest in line with your faith?

Christians try to do the right thing and give where needed, whether it is donating to a charity, serving at church or giving money to those in need.


But for those who follow Jesus in all areas of their life, trying to align Christian faith with everyday life can be difficult – especially when there are not many Christian organisations to choose from.

One area that is tricky to align is investing or finance. How can Christians align their faith with an industry driven by money? It seems that Christianity – which teaches that people cannot serve both God and money – and these companies appear to have nothing in common.

UCA Funds Management still holds true to its Christian roots.

However, there are options available for Christian investors that allow them to invest in line with their faith and, at the same time, give back to those in need.

As a social enterprise of the Uniting Church, UCA Funds Management is an organisation that still holds true to its Christian roots. Birthed from a mission to support the work of the Church, its purpose each year continues to be a Christian investment alternative in a money-driven world.

Through the support of its thousands of investors, the organisation is able to provide an annual grant back to the outreach work of the Church. This funding not only supports community services, but also church advocacy and mission-based activities across Australia.

In 2016, the organisation was proud to announce that it gave more than $3 million to mission work. These funds supported a number of activities including prison chaplaincy, interfaith projects and advocacy programs to improve social justice.

How do Christian values influence a company’s behaviour?

As well as Christian individuals, the organisation has investors from charity and community organisations such as Uniting – the new community services organisation of the Uniting Church. This new organisation aims to provide support for the most vulnerable and marginalised, and creates a strong, disruptive voice to advocate for improved services and social justice.

When asked why it chose to work with UCA Funds Management, Uniting Chief Executive Officer Paul Linossier said it was more than simply about competitive funding.

“It was also important to us to partner with an ethical financier. In UCA Funds Management, we are able to work with a leading financial organisation that shares our values to make a positive difference in people’s lives,” said Mr Linossier.

However, how do Christian values influence a company’s behaviour?

“It focuses on love and enhancing life,” said Mr Walsh.

UCA Funds Management’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Walsh explains that the organisation is governed by an integrated ethical investment policy that is based on Christian values and the Uniting Church ethos.

“It focuses on love and enhancing life,” said Mr Walsh.

“For example, the policy references loving the natural environment which, in turn, shows love and support for our neighbours’ life and for the next generation. It speaks to supporting that which enhances life by seeking to invest in companies that are doing good – such as those in health care, recycling, education, sustainable agriculture or medical research.”

“Knowing that we are growing the business to give back and be an active voice in the community on social issues is what makes me feel most proud of being a part of UCA Funds Management. We – and our investors – are a part of something bigger and we aim to be an example in the industry,” said Mr Walsh.

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Stephanie Duthie

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