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Joy to the world: Give a radio and reach thousands

If you want to reach out, go further and do something a little bit different with your Christmas gifts this year, give a radio.


By giving an FEBC radio you are:

  • Going into more than 50 countries
  • Multiplying hope for 2500+ hours each day
  • Reaching two billion people who have not heard the Good News in their heart language
  • Speaking in 130 different languages
  • Involving yourself in FEBC’s social programs across the globe that are changing lives

“My life has changed because I listened to your programs and trusted God. Please continue broadcasting to my people. All of your programs are like a good meal that I want to eat every day.”

Watch our short video (above) that explains how FEBC radio works.

9 million people annually tell FEBC how their lives are changed by what they hear on our radios and see from our teams on the ground. One $30 solar/wind up radio goes a long way. Our listeners write, call, sms and visit our stations to tell us:

“If I tried to tell about all the blessings from God, there’s not enough paper.  From the time I started studying your Bible lessons, I’ve experienced much joy.  I also share them with others and they, too, have turned to Christ.”

“My life has changed because I listened to your programs and trusted God. Please continue broadcasting to my people. All of your programs are like a good meal that I want to eat every day.”

“I share my belief with them when they seek to know more. Now many people keep asking me questions about it… I listen to various kinds of programs, and then share the touching episodes with others and introduce the programs to them.

The gift of a friendly radio voice to prevent sex trafficking

India is home to the largest number of unreached people in the world: 2201 unreached people groups. 1,652 languages and dialects are spoken.

Being able to produce culturally-appropriate programs in more languages is vital to successful outreach in India, particularly when it comes to overcoming the numbers of women and children falling prey to sex trafficking, being forced into child marriage or female foeticide.

Illiteracy contributes. Using radio to reach people – in their ethnic language – is a vital part of raising awareness and effecting change.

Give thanks for a teacher who listened to FEBC’s radio program on sex trafficking awareness.  When he heard it, he suspected it was happening in his area, as many women and children were leaving to find work and never coming back or making contact again. He formed a group amongst other leaders. Now any child or woman leaving to seek work has to provide their employer’s details and I.D. cards are provided. This provides greater security and safety.

A voice of hope during humanitarian crisis

FEBC’s ethnic programming also reaches refugees. How wonderful FEBC can reach these displaced souls and deliver Jesus’ nourishment via a small, solar-powered/wind-up radio or internet app that brings a voice speaking hope in their own language.

Refugees in Indonesia like Zand*, fleeing Iran, who capsized twice in an overcrowded boat, witness to many drownings and desperately seeking hope. Betrayed by those he thought he could trust, he heard a friendly voice in his own (Farsi) language on FEBC radio and turned to Christ. Similarly, through other crisis, such as the recent floods in North India, a voice on the radio reaches out.  One listener to FEBC in North India said: “We don’t have any media to communicate to anybody except radio. We appreciate your love and concern for us, shown through your radio program in this situation.”

Please consider giving a FEBC $30 radio to someone in need of a friendly voice – either for yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member. You can also order gift cards that explain how the gift of a radio delivers joy to the world this Christmas time.