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Making Jesus’ last words our first priority

Get involved in an Australia-wide campaign in 2020      

Reaching people with the love and message of Jesus has become a difficult and less popular task. Decline in Christianity in Australia is well-documented. Recent research indicates emerging generations are less interested in sharing Jesus with their peers. This sets the Australian church a significant challenge.


Many churches are involved in great ministry opportunities in the community, but has social action become a priority over evangelism?

Perhaps it’s time to revisit what Jesus calls us to do.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus speaks his last recorded words before his ascension: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Jesus the Game Changer-Season 2 Trailer from Olive Tree Media on Vimeo.

Seeking to respond to Jesus’ final words, Olive Tree Media released Jesus the Game Changer: Season 2 in late 2019 and are initiating an Australia-wide church campaign in May/June 2020 to help our churches regain a passion for mission and evangelism.

Jesus the Game Changer: To the Ends of the Earth follows the growth of Christianity as it spread from the backwaters of the Roman Empire to become a truly global religion. Christianity now transcends cultures, social classes, language and ethnic groups. It is numerically, ethnically and geographically the largest religion in the world. Jesus the Game Changer: Season 2 tells this amazing story.

The series is beautifully produced, filmed in 11 countries and includes interviews with more than 50 guests. Don’t assume these episodes are just dry history! They are full of inspirational stories and motivational insights which will spark a fresh passion in the viewer for the gospel message.

In 2018 Olive Tree Media organised a national church campaign with 200 churches involved across every state, using Jesus the Game Changer to equip, teach and enrich their congregants. This year, they hope to have 500 churches sign up for Season 2.

The Church Campaign in 2020 will occur over six weeks, from 3 May to 7 June.

Unite around one clear purpose – to make Jesus’ last words our first priority.

Churches that register will receive a Church Campaign Pack containing the episodes, small group discussion guide, a children’s program, Colin Buchanan kids song, a new worship song by Greg Attwells, graphics and short video clips for promotion and churches services.

Topics covered include six of the thirteen episodes – Jesus, Paul and the Early Church, Persecution, Bible Translation, China and 20th Century Mission.

Responses from the first Church Campaign of Season 1 were overwhelmingly positive in their reaction to the material in Jesus the Game Changer and how it is presented.

The series was rated by 95% of participants as excellent (65%) or good (30%) – and 91% said the series changed their view of Jesus’ impact on history a lot (51%) or a little (41%).

Of the church leaders who used Jesus the Game Changer Season 1, 87% rated it as either extremely, very or moderately effective as a tool for evangelism in their church.

Jesus the Game Changer Church Campaign brings the whole church together across Australia and denominational boundaries. Let’s unite around one clear purpose – to make Jesus’ last words our first priority.

Churches can register for the campaign here.

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