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Not in Kansas anymore

The role of the Church in a strange new world

What is the role of God’s people in an increasingly post-Christian West? Are we activist exiles or quaint keepers of an ancient flame?


Are we to lean in to culture and insist on our right to act as chaplains to a fading Christendom, or should we withdraw and exercise the ‘Benedict option’?

Drawing on Anabaptist and mainline church voices, next month’s ‘Not in Kansas Anymore’ symposium at Sydney’s Morling College is a one-off special event not to be missed.

It will provide opportunities for us to reflect biblically and creatively on the place of the Church in a context where God’s people feel increasingly marginalised and overlooked.

Workshops throughout the day will explore three different views: How have Christians been placed historically; Christians out in the world; and, the implications for the Church.

This symposium will give you the opportunity to wrestle with whether you will move to the fringes of society, offering an alternative voice in society, or remain as a faithful presence within a society that has historically been based on Christian ideals.

Presenters will come from a variety of perspectives, and a wide range of topics will be covered. These include:

  • DR KATE HARRISON BRENNAN, CEO of Anglican Deaconess Ministries, Sydney
    Topic: No Place for Exile
  • MIKE FROST, Vice Principal, Morling College and the Director of the Tinsley Institute
    Topic: Endlessly Cunning, Risky Negotiation
  • BROOKE PRENTIS, Aboriginal spokesperson for Common Grace and a board member for TEAR Australia, Brisbane
    Topic: Dangerous memories in the land we NOW call Australia. Do the Exiles hear the call to country today?
  • DAVID STARLING, Head of Bible and Theology, Morling College
    Topic: The Weapons of our Warfare: Culture, Conflict and Character in 2 Corinthians
  • STEPHEN MCALPINE, Pastor, Providence Church, Perth
    Topic: The Beguiling Technicolor of Oz
  • KARINA KREMINSKI, Lecturer in Missional Studies, Morling College
    Topic: Humility and Embodiment: Missional opportunities for the exiled Church in a post-Christendom context
  • MATT ANSLOW, Organiser at Love Makes A Way, Sydney
    Topic: Diaspora as Means of Grace: A Neo-Anabaptist Perspective on the Church, “Exile” and Post-Christian Culture
  • TIM MACBRIDE, Lecturer in New Testament and Homiletics, Morling College
    Topic: To Aliens and Exiles: Preaching the New Testament as minority group rhetoric.
  • IAN ROBINSON, Lecturer in Mission Evangelism and Leadership at United Theological College
    Topic: What was Benedict optioning?
  • DARRELL JACKSON, Lecturer in Missiology, Morling College
    Topic: The Exiling of Mission
  • EDWINA MURPHY, Lecturer in Church History, Morling College
    Topic: Stooping to Conquer: The gentleness and generosity of the early church
  • JAMES DALZIEL, Dean of Morling Education, Morling College
    Topic: Christian School Communities as a 21st Century Benedict Option
  • DAVE BENSON, Lecturer, Malyon College, Brisbane
    Topic:Why we need the World: Musings from the interface of theology and education.
  • IAN PACKER, Academic Registrar, Morling College
    Topic: Deviant Convictions, Common Causes: Vocations and ‘Options’ in the Liquid Modern Workplace

‘Not in Kansas Anymore’ will take place at Morling College, 122 Herring Road, Macquarie Park, on Monday, August 21, between 9.30am and 5pm.

Transport options include parking onsite via Saunders Close, and Macquarie University train station (a five minute walk from Morling College).

Cost ranges between $45 and $70, including seminar, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

To register your interest and get more information, please visit ‘Not in Kansas Anymore’.

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