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On the road to serve in Dongara

The start of the new decade will look very different for us as we travel by road from Sydney, New South Wales, to Dongara, Western Australia. A trip which sees us go from being New South Welshmen to Western Australians and a trip which sees us leave behind close family and friends to proclaim and teach the gospel on the other side of Australia.


Moore College’s Diploma of Biblical Theology breaks geographical boundaries to teach and equip you to serve the Lord wherever you are.

Matt will take up a role as an Assistant Minister in a parish called Dongara-Mingenew. I will work alongside him and be involved in women’s ministry. We are both looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us in Western Australia and we thank Moore College for providing us with the theological education and training to be able to serve in ministry throughout Australia.

We have both greatly benefited from studying at Moore College and we thank God for the opportunity to be able to study there.

It is a place where we have been academically stretched, spiritually strengthened, biblically stimulated and pastorally cared for by the lifelong friends that we have made and by the lecturers, who we also consider to be lifelong friends. We know that as we move to serve in some very remote parts of Australia, we not only have the support of those in the Diocese of North West Australia, but also the love and support of our cohorts and lecturers from College.

Moore College has taught us the skills to be able to handle God’s word faithfully, the significance and value of pastoral care, and the power of prayer. All of these skills will benefit us in our future ministry in Dongara.

We are both looking forward to meeting the saints in Dongara and walking alongside them in their spiritual journeys, caring for them and building lifelong friendships.

While Moore College was very different from where we both previously worked (Matt as a financial planner and me as an interior designer), we both learned a tremendous amount. And this learning takes place beyond what you do in the classroom. We learned together in community, sharing life with other students and faculty. For example, lunchtimes and prayer groups were a great chance to discuss what we were learning, to talk about ministry practice – and the joys and hardships of life.

Another part of College life which we both really enjoyed was going on mission each year. In fact, it was through College mission in Geraldton, WA, that we received the job opportunity in Dongara.

Each year, Moore College gives the opportunity through mission to experience ministry in different parts of Australia and overseas. We had both always been open to ministry outside of Sydney and jumped at the opportunity to experience ministry life in Western Australia.

Mission re-affirmed that “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37). We both felt convicted to leave behind the comforts of Sydney and, instead, put into practice the biblically grounded education that we received at Moore College, to serve alongside the faithful gospel workers currently in the Diocese of North West Australia.

We cannot thank Moore College enough for the faithful biblical teaching that we received. We will dearly miss our friends and family in Sydney, but we know that God is in control of all things and we look forward to proclaiming His word wherever He chooses.

For now, God has led us to serving Him in Dongara!

Leonie and Matt Morrison

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