The new face of Bible College – learn, develop and minister from within your local church

Vision Colleges began with Rev Ken Chant in 1984 as a local church bible college. Over the next five years, it became a distance education college serving around 5,000 students in Australia.  Around 1989 Vision Colleges was invited to start a branch in the United States and started what is now our local church Bible college program.

These two options, distance education and local church colleges have been the spearhead of success for Vision Colleges.

Over the last two years, Vision Colleges, like many other colleges, churches and individuals has been hit by the impact of COVID. Yet, despite this, the college has risen to the challenge because of the high quality of distance education the college provides.

Before COVID, Vision Colleges supported the local church and their colleges by providing the teaching material. The colleges are independent, non-denominational and pentecostal. This perspective has been an invaluable strength that is faith-building and cohesive to the church, especially in these times.

The colleges can provide what many pastors cannot: sound academic, biblically strong, and faith-building teaching material. Most respectfully, most pastors do not have the time or the training or skills to develop such material, and they are so busy with pastoral care.

With Vision Colleges’ program, the local ministry team teaches the material to those who want to study the word of God, whether it is for personal development or those seeking to be involved in ministry.

At the same time, the local church provides practical training. The ministry team teaches the material and develops the individual’s skills for the local church, its ministry and the local community – and who better to teach than men and women already on the coal face of ministry?

Even as COVID closed many churches, the colleges continued online. The Vision Colleges’ teaching helped keep the church together, focusing less on the impact of the virus and more on the Kingdom of God.

It is a marriage made in heaven, Vision says with confidence. Churches no longer need to send their brightest and best to bible college only to lose them to the denomination’s ambition. Now they can learn, grow, develop and minister from within the local church.

Distance education students continued unabated with a COVID safe program reaching men and women of all walks of life no matter how remote the student. The teaching is available via mail or online.

Students can shape their own study by tailoring the program based on their needs rather than meeting a set curriculum. There is no need for distance students to come together for lectures, seminars or intensives. With a comprehensive open book exam, there is no need for supervision.

Vision Colleges started as a non-accredited college. It was swiftly recognised and recommended for ministry training across the denominational divide. In 2001 the Accredited study program “Christian Ministry and Theology” was added to meet a growing need for accredited qualifications. Vision Colleges is one of the few colleges offering the full suite of studies from Certificate III to Graduate Diploma.

Thanks to the Colleges’ relationship with Vision International University and the Texas University of Florida, Vision Colleges also offers degrees up to a PhD in Theology.

The heartbeat of Vision Colleges is mission. In cooperation with the Vision network, Vision Colleges reach out to over 150 countries, many of which are developing nations in Africa, South America, the Pacific Islands, Asia and Eastern Europe as well as the fully funding nations of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and others.

Fees are low but this is not indicative of quality, rather it reflects the heart of Vision Colleges to get The Whole Word to The Whole World as effectively and economically as possible. Vision Colleges are more interested in helping people study and keeping them learning.

Learn more about studying as an individual or helping your local church develop its own bible college by visiting Vision Colleges’ website.