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Until all have heard

Transforming lives and communities with radio that inspires people to follow Jesus

On his recent visit to Australia, program director from FEBC Russia, Alexey Vlasihin, shared how – thanks to the way radio is inspiring Christian listeners – they were able to close the orphanage near to his home town. This was all due to a community that responded to a Christian call to foster or adopt orphans in distress.


Until all have heard: Connecting with their needs

Alexey also shared how, in Russia, special needs children are uncared for, often shunned by society. Yet one FEBC programmer – a father of a special needs child himself – creates a streamed, digital program that offers practical advice and broadcasts details of support networks. By doing so, he is reaching out via radio to other parents of additional needs children.

The response is overwhelming: people listen, recognise they are known and understood, hearts soften and doors are opened to share the Good News of Jesus.

The programs, delivered via online streaming networks, also means FEBC teams respond in real-time to questions and comments by listeners – an amazing gift that combines the power of social media with FEBC’s friendly voice.

Alexey Vlasihin

In Australia recently, FEBC Russia’s Alexey Vlasihin explained how FEBC is caring for families with special needs

Until all have heard: The marginalised and forgotten in society

In India, Pakistan and the Middle East, FEBC’s messages of hope continue to help women and girls who face sex trafficking, domestic violence, honour killings and abuse.

Radio reaches those in dark places, offering support and directing listeners to outside help. FEBC’s programs also change attitudes over time. We are able to see women becoming more valued in these societies – thanks to our programs – meaning trafficking and abuses are prevented.

Until all have heard: Caring voices that connect to caring communities

It is the friendly voice via FEBC programs that has such an impact. A listener who was inspired to follow Jesus after listening to FEBC’s programs, and began attending one of our FEBC listener groups, explains it this way: “As a widow, I often felt lonely, and I struggled to make ends meet. When I first heard the Good News on FEBC’s station, I tried praying to Jesus for the first time. I cried… I still do when I pray. Life is difficult, but Christ is helping me see things differently. I now feel comfort and peace. Even my attitude towards people has changed. I attend FEBC’s meetings every Saturday, where I learn about the God through the Bible.”

FEBC Australia, part of FEBC International, is committed to using radio and internet programming to inspire people to follow Christ. We continue to take the Good News of Jesus to people into the hardest-to-reach places, in their heart languages. To raise up ethnic language broadcasters and programmers so all people groups may hear God’s Word in their own language.

A new tax-deductible opportunity from FEBC Australia

FEBC Australia has been granted permission to run as a public benevolent institution (PBI) in regards to its projects that are designed to relieve poverty, sickness, suffering or disability.

As June 30 approaches, if you seek a tax deductible choice for your giving, please think of FEBC.

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