Clean water is a basic necessity for life and people simply cannot exist without it. The World Health Organisation estimates that around 700,000 Indians die each year from water borne diseases. Several million more suffer from multiple incidents of diarrhoea and still others fall ill as a result of enteric fever, hepatitis A, intestinal worms, and eye and skin infections caused by unsafe drinking water and poor hygiene.

It is horrifying to think that every eight seconds, a person dies of a disease caused by the consumption of contaminated water. Lack of clean water is seen as a key factor in causing and perpetuating poverty.

Safe drinkable water is one of the greatest needs in India, especially in poor rural areas. However, only 26 per cent of the slum population has access to safe drinking water. Only 25 per cent of the total population (1.3 billion) has drinking water on their premises. One flush of a Westerner’s toilet devours as much water as the average person in India uses for a day’s washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking.

In India, millions of litres of clean, life-saving water lies deep below the earth, while on the surface, multitudes of people suffer and die unnecessarily from these deadly waterborne diseases. This is the sad reality of life in so many impoverished locations around the nation.

PeopleAid Wells of Life

A village rejoices as pure, fresh water is struck 170 feet below them. PeopleAid

Fresh water wells are the simple, long-term solution and PeopleAids – Wells Of Life For India program bores wells in many regions of India. These are all fully tested and certified for their water purity. They are also fitted with high quality hand pumps which are easy enough for a child to operate. Each well provides a community with a safe, reliable water supply for drinking, cooking, washing, hygiene and livestock.

To date, 650 life-giving wells have been provided for stricken Indian communities. However hundreds more are desperately needed. The simple provision of clean, fresh water wells to poor communities, significantly reduces child mortality and dramatically improves the health of everyone.

The sparkling, fresh water that is retrieved from uncontaminated aqueducts below the earth’s surface is truly a gift from God for these impoverished people. Wells also provide income as people make a business of fetching and delivering water.

PeopleAid Wells of Life

Clean, fresh water dramatically improves the health of everyone. PeopleAid

When you sponsor a Well Of Life, you are sent photos of the people in the village with their new life-giving well, along with its Water Purity Certification and the GPS location – so that you can view it using Google Maps. If requested, we also sign-write your name or message on a plaque at the well. This is a treasure that you can display in your home or office to remember your Indian friends by. It also enables you to share with others about the Wells Of Life For India program.

Villages and communities of desperate people anxiously await for life-giving wells. You can sponsor a Well Of Life at It is only $2100 to give clean fresh water to an entire community – forever!

Edith Rae

Sponsoring a Well Of Life is a gift that keeps on giving day after day, year after year.