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What can I do to tackle the refugee crisis?

There are now more asylum seekers and refugees in the world than ever before. The number of people fleeing violence and persecution is approaching 66 million. That’s nearly three times Australia’s population. The United Nations says we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945.


While the Word of God is prolific about our responsibility for those in need, it also can be overwhelming to know what we, as individuals, can do?

So, what can we do?

Please Pray

  • Think what it would mean for you to leave everything behind and travel to a new place. As you consider that, pray for comfort for those who may have witnessed awful scenes of terror.
  • Pray for the caregivers: the agencies, volunteers and individuals who give time, money, goods, space in their homes, to create safe and welcoming havens.
  • Pray for political leaders: when budgets are tight it can be tempting to ignore those in need. Helping refugees is a selfless act, not always delivering political gain. Pray for selflessness amongst our leaders.
  • Pray for boldness: we can all feel overwhelmed about what can be done. Pray to God about how you can best offer assistance.

You can make a difference

FEBC’s Reach Refugees With A Radio cuts through the “overwhelm” around the international refugee crisis. While it is hard to imagine how $30, $50 or $75 can make a difference in the life of millions of refugees, it can:

  • $30 puts a wind-up/solar FEBC radio into the hands of refugees
  • $50 puts a half-hour radio program to air
  • $75 funds face-to-face visits amongst refugee listener groups in Indonesia

“So what?” you may ask. How does a radio program help? Well, via radio and internet, refugees hear a voice that speaks their own language, in a way that recognises and speaks to their need. A message showing love and offering hope during a time of hopelessness is heard.

Radio reaches out with programs sharing love, hope and up-to-date information across the world’s growing refugee crisis.

Ministering to refugees

FEBC broadcaster, Javad* is a refugee. He came to Christ after being given a Farsi Bible in Iran. After being imprisoned and beaten severely for his Christian faith, Javad fled his home country to Indonesia.

After finding friends to live with in Jakarta, Mo met the National Director of FEBC Indonesia. He asked: “Would you let me produce my own radio program in the Farsi language? I want to reach out to my people scattered around Indonesia, in the detention centres, prisons and streets.”

It is to these refugees that Javad and the FEBC Indonesia team minsters through radio, listener groups and aid packages of shoes, clothes and toys. Since 2014, our Indonesian team has worked tirelessly to keep its Radio PARS program on-air, broadcasting gospel hope in the refugees’ Farsi heart language.

FEBC radio reaches refugees in Indonesia, Germany, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Northern Australia.

Silently but effectively, Jesus Christ is doing wonders among refugees

  • Many Iranian and Afghan listeners have been baptised in different locations in Indonesia – including in detention centres – in the past six months.
  • Listener groups are growing – many refugees gather together across towns and cities in Indonesia, as well as refugees in Germany, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Northern Australia, who tune into the Indonesian program via digital streaming.
  • Prayer and discipleship: on-air teams take prayer requests and visit those who are in spiritual need. They teach and encourage listeners to build their relationship with Christ.
  • Refugee listener support networks: via radio promotion, FEBC Indonesia teams collect shoes, clothing, toys, furniture and other donated items to support and fulfil the needs of refugee listeners. They work with a network of churches in Jakarta to distribute this palpable expression of Christ’s love for the needy.

The growth of Christianity among refugees in Indonesia is spectacular. Partner churches report that Persian refugees may be among the fastest growing church population in Indonesia. Many people are coming to Christ and FEBC’s Radio Pars program is playing a vital role in sharing the gospel and helping disciple new believers.

Use radio to offer hope to refugees across the world

FEBC’s work in Indonesia demonstrates how radio is capable of reaching out across the world’s growing refugee crisis. Refugees are desperately in need of good news.

FEBC’s broadcast reach and emergency response expertise means refugee populations are quickly informed, educated and supported.

To add your support, reach out with a radio and combat the sense of overwhelm that often accompanies news of the refugee crisis.

*Name changed for security purposes