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Pornography: the elephant in The Church

A documentary investigating the secret addiction consuming some Christians

In recent years we’ve seen well-known secular celebrities like Russell Brand publicly express their denunciation of pornography.


In Brand’s YouTube video, which has now had millions of views, he says: “I know pornography is wrong and that I shouldn’t be looking at it. There’s a general feeling in your core, if you look at pornography, that this isn’t the best thing for me; this isn’t the best use of my time.”

Brand isn’t the only celebrity to come out and candidly condemn pornography.

However, we haven’t seen much discussion in the Christian space, within the Church, among Christians.

So, Eternity decided to explore this controversial and insidious phenomenon. In Eternity‘s upcoming documentary, you’ll see interviews with a Sexologist, a Psychologist, a well-known women’s advocate, and former porn addicts who are brave enough to speak out about their experiences.

Watch this space for the full story, coming end of June.