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Evangelism In A Post-COVID World

What effect will the COVID-19 Pandemic have on evangelism? The world is still bracing itself for fresh outbreaks, but it pays for Christians to have a glance over the horizon and see what this crisis is teaching us about the spread of the Gospel. City Bible Forum evangelist and author Sam Chan lays out a 'playbook' which considers the pieces which will enable you to share Jesus in a post-COVID world because things aren't going back to the way they were. COVID-19 has left us scrambling as we’ve pivoted to online church, online small groups and online one to ones but what does post-COVID life look like? How will COVID affected our message, our posture and our practice? Drawn from an excellent series of City Bible Forum vidoes, this episode of Evangelism In A Post-COVID World aims to help you prepare yourself for the conversations to come.

Latest episode released: 10 Feb 2024