Anti vax Christian broadcaster and church leader dies from Covid

Marcus Lamb, the CEO and founder of Christian TV channel Daystar has died aged 64 of Covid. The news was announced today in an official tweet from the channel, which has preached against Covid vaccines.


Lamb was a prosperity gospel preacher who founded his Word of God Fellowship church in 1980 and began TV broadcasts in 1985 from a TV station in Montgomery Alabama before moving to Texas. He founded Daystar, now the second-largest Christian TV network in the US in 1997. His daily “Marcus & Joni” show, co-hosted with his wife Joni, broadcast daily on the network.

Update: Lamb is mourned by those who have followed his preaching for decades on TV. Evangelical preacher Michael Yousseff sent this tribute:

And Oral Roberts University, a key Centre for US Pentecostalism marked Lamb’s passing – describing him as a “pastor to millions”

Charisma magazine, who broke the story of lamb dying of “Covid complications” also reported that “Family friend Mary Colbert, prayer ministry leader and wife of bestselling author Dr Don Colbert, told Charisma that Marcus “received every possible treatment for COVID that one can receive,” emphasising the deep need for prayer for Joni and the Lamb family. “Joni now carries the weight of the ministry herself – everyone should pray for her wisdom and guidance,” she said.

Son Jonathan Lamb described his father’s COVID infection as “a spiritual attack from the enemy” to “take down” Marcus Lamb according to an NBC report.

Daystar has broadcast a series of programs featuring vaccine sceptics such as Robert Kennedy Jr., Sherri Tenpenny and Del Bigtree as well as a group of physicians known as America’s Frontline Doctors, who support the use of hydroxychloroquine and other alternative treatments for dealing with COVID-19, the Religion News Service reported.

In a promotion for their COVID specials, Daystar contrasts Christian faith to fear of the virus declaring “A hand of hope is reaching out, armed with hope that overcomes every fear we stand in faith trusting in  God’s promise to hear from heaven and heal our land.”

With the death from COVID of Daystar’s leader and founder, this becomes another story of false prophecy.

“In a court filing, Daystar filed alongside the American Family Association, the two nonprofits called implementing a vaccine mandate a ‘sin against God’s Holy Word,” Newsweek reports.

The TV evangelist took Ivermectin in an attempt to prevent COVID. (A Cochrane study found it could not be determined whether Ivermectin was better or worse than a placebo, establishing that this drug is ineffective against the virus.) By contrast, many studies show that the vaccines are highly effective against the Coronavirus.

Lamb was no stranger to controversy with an extramarital affair making headlines in 2016. Lamb accused three women of trying to extort money from him, somewhat similar to part of the Ravi Zacharias story.

Shortly after the ministry received $3.9 million in PPP payments – similar to Australia’s Jobkeeper – from the US government, it brought a private jet. After an investigation by the TV show Inside Edition, the ministry repaid the money. Lamb’s ministry is worth $US1 billion according to the TV report.