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Leviticus Saved My Life – Geoff

16 May 2022

Geoff is an Irish lad who thought the last thing he would do was enter into full-time ministry on the other side of the world, but God had other plans – including using an ancient book to literally save his life.


15 May 2022

When God commands us to love others, it includes our parents, whether they are good parents or not! Think things through with Anna in this episode and enjoy nutting the idea through with your family, in the car or anywhere!

Glorious Acting – Alison

9 May 2022

Alison is many things to many people, but an actor first and foremost. She tells Jenny what it’s like to be driven to tread the boards and create characters for Christ.

8 May 2022

Love GOD Part 2

2 May 2022

Cruelty to Christianity

1 May 2022

Love GOD Part 1

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