Fight the good fight to change our nation

Silvana Nero-Nile is the Christian Democratic Party’s lead Senate candidate for NSW

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The Christian Democratic Party and my husband, the Rev Hon Fred Nile, have been vigorously fighting for the past 37 years to support the Australian people with a voice and to help sustain the way of life that made our nation so great. Our oath to uphold the CDP values has never altered and we will continue to fight the good fight until we see the change this nation so needs:

• A free and democratic society with freedom of speech, the rule of law and stable constitutional government.

• To support and strengthen the family unit as the basis of society and responsible parenting with pro-family, pro-child policies. No to euthanasia.

• To stand for high morals and principles in all walks of life and in legislation based on Judeo -Christian ethics and integrity.

• To foster the principles of government accountability and responsibility.

• To respect our Australian flag and the values in our heritage, culture and ideals of equality, democracy, merit and justice.

• To advance the cause of social justice for all: the underprivileged, the unemployed, the handicapped, the elderly and the displaced.

• To pursue a sound mind in a sound body by promoting a healthy lifestyle free from any abuse, drugs or harm.

• To expect a high standard of education, social and medical care for all Australians, urban or rural.

• To favour a totally integrated environment for sustainability – that is, social, economic and physical.

• To encourage Australian ownership of enterprise, industry and capital, and create more sustainable jobs.

• To promote world peace and understanding so that we all can live in peace and harmony and make Australia the example.

• To promote Australia as a Christian Bible-based nation, to increase widespread respect for our constitutional monarchy, Westminster form of government as well as freedom of religion and “rule of law” – one law for all Australians, no Sharia law or Sharia courts.

We will continue to fight against that which we believe to be the destruction of our society and of our great nation. We aim to be the voice for the people who are not heard and are finding it harder to be heard.

We face major social decline:

• Drunkenness, drug addiction and gambling are rampant and out of control.

• “Same-sex marriage” to replace traditional marriage.

• Australians are encouraged to practise promiscuity, adultery and homosexuality. LGBTIQ is being encouraged and deemed to be the “norm.”

• Domestic violence, pornography, youth suicide, marriage collapse, juvenile delinquency and crime in general are at historic and alarming high levels.

• Thousands of innocent and defenceless unborn Australian babies are being slaughtered by merciless abortions.

•Euthanasia pushing to become law in this nation.

• Left-wing ideology to undermine the family unit by manufacturing in the minds of children concerns for “gender fluidity.”

Many may not be aware of “The Late Term Birth Abortion Bill” presented by the Greens in 2017. This abhorrent bill was defeated by 25 votes to 14 through the strenuous lobbying of the CDP.

What is horrifying is we see the slaughter of innocent babies right up to birth for any reason now is law in New York. The right to life is the right of all rights, and that inalienable right includes the unborn.

Consequently, Australia instead of being a blessed or a “lucky” country is becoming a spiritually lost country.

Listen to our Lord Jesus Christ; Do what he commanded; “love one another” the way Jesus showed us.

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Silvana Nero-Nile is the Christian Democratic Party’s lead Senate candidate for NSW.