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Why you should join the world in prayer this Sunday

30 Oct 2020 6:00AM

International Day of Prayer on Sunday November 1, online church is here to stay, ethical fashion and COVID impact, and how to vote as a Christian.

Good Earth

26 Oct 2020 5:00AM

Christianity has a weird relationship to the climate cause. On the one hand, in theory they have more reason than most to care for the Earth — they believe it is God’s good creation, after all. On the other hand, quite a number of the faithful are … sceptical. Professor Katharine Hayhoe is a rock star in the climate world — one of the earth’s best climate science communicators. She’s also a Christian. And she says the chasm in the Christian world when it comes to climate doesn’t have to be this deep.

Virtual Happy Hour

9 Oct 2020 12:01AM

Sam Chan offers smart ways to connect online so that personal evangelism keeps going even when we can’t meet personally.

23 Sep 2020 12:00PM

10, 9, 8… God Is Great! – Colin

10 Sep 2020 3:00PM

The Uncut Sex (in) Life Interview

22 Jul 2020 12:00AM

An Aussie Doctor on COVID-19 in the developing world – Dr Ian Marr

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