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Afghan Refugee

27 Sep 2021

Shabnam Safa was just 15 years old when she arrived in Australia as a refugee. As a young child, her family had fled war-torn Afghanistan to a refugee camp on the border of Pakistan where she grew up listening to stories of the terror of life under the Taliban. She spoke to John Dickson about her distress about the Taliban retaking control of Afghanistan and her fears for her home country. As so many of us watch from our lounge rooms, is there anything we can actually do to help those fleeing danger?

Christian Celebrity

23 Sep 2021

The Christian world is full of its own super-stars – men and women who stride the world stage with seeming significance and sometimes staggering results. Megan and Michael ask, how is a believer to respond to these luminaries?

Second+ Dates

22 Sep 2021

The world of online dating requires some special navigation for the modern Christian. You’ve met online, you’ve caught up in person – what are your criteria for deciding whether he or she is second-date worthy?

21 Sep 2021

God and government – Mike

20 Sep 2021

Divorce and dating with Christian Elliott

20 Sep 2021

Intersectional Jesus

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