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GENESIS: Pride in Babel

14 Aug 2022

The problem with pride is that we rely on ourselves instead of God. This is what the people in Babel who built the tower did and it is what we often do too. Find out more in the next instalment from the GENESIS series with Anna.

GENESIS: Starting Over With Noah

7 Aug 2022

Sin is a big deal. How big? Enough for God to wipe everyone in the world out and start again with Noah. You may feel like this story is familiar, but I expect that in this episode you will learn even more details that you didn’t know!

GENESIS: Cain and Abel

31 Jul 2022

Sibling rivalry that ends in jealousy and murder doesn’t sound too good, but in today’s episode you’ll discover how sinning in your anger isn’t that good either! All our sins cause a roadblock, no matter which one it is. Thankfully we have Jesus who deals with that sin so we can have a proper relationship with God!

24 Jul 2022

GENESIS: Sin is a Roadblock

17 Jul 2022

GENESIS: In The Beginning

26 Jun 2022


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