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Getting intimate

20 Oct 2021

Online intimacy is a fraught topic for anyone, but most particularly for Christians who have a high view of how God wants them to protect both their hearts and bodies.

Christ on COVID’s front line – Tamara

19 Oct 2021

What is it like to confront COVID on the front lines of this virulent condition – in an emergency room in a Sydney hospital? How does being a Christian make a difference?


17 Oct 2021

Why do Christians try to love? Who do they try to love? And how? These are all the questions that will be answered in this episode as we dive into God’s word and discover what it’s all about.

15 Oct 2021

Choices and change with Jack Hanes

13 Oct 2021

Can you cat-fish?

12 Oct 2021

A Christian in a Muslim world – Roy

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