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Stories for all people

At Eternity, we offer stories that inform, inspire and encourage all people. As we are a part of Bible Society Australia, we’re passionate about reporting these stories to everyone, no matter their denomination.

We’re also committed to creating spaces where Eternity readers can have great conversations about these stories – exploring what it means to be people of faith in our world.

And we believe that all our conversations – even robust disagreements – can be conducted in a manner that is respectful of the image of God that is in all people, even in a group that is as broad and diverse as our Eternity readership! With almost 15,000 email subscribers and millions of online readers each year, we thought it worthwhile to provide some guidelines below for engaging well in an environment that will inevitably include disagreement.

Online conversations

We believe that online conversations are real life conversations, so we approach them by asking, “Would I say these things if I were sitting across from the person I am speaking to?”

We want to create forums where online conversations add personal insight and fresh perspective to the news. So, we’re looking for comments that are:

In contrast, we are not interested in online conversations that are dominated by only a few individuals, so we’re not looking for comments that:

Eternity guidelines for social media users

Eternity seeks to nurture a space where healthy online conversations can flourish.

So, we will not tolerate comments or users that:

How Eternity moderates our social media pages

In the event that a comment is deemed to breach our guidelines, Eternity will either hide or delete the comment. When time permits, this will include giving the commenter further information explaining how the comment contravenes our guidelines. Time will not always permit this and Eternity does not have the resources to enter into lengthy back-and-forths with commenters who wish to debate how guidelines are enforced.

Commenters will be given the opportunity to revise their comment so that it adheres to our guidelines and post it again.

Continual failures to adhere to Eternity’s Guidelines will result in users being banned for a period of time or blocked indefinitely. Users who are banned or blocked may not receive a warning, and are invited to email us through our website to learn more about the decision.

When Eternity chooses to end a disagreement between two commenters, asks a commenter not to comment further, or takes action to ban a user, commenters are asked not to further the matter by personally contacting other commenters (unless they are already friends) or the personal accounts of Eternity staff members. Eternity will ban or block commenters who send intimidating, abusive or inappropriate messages to other commenters or Eternity staff members.

Eternity will not pre-emptively block individuals whose profiles contravene our guidelines, but will judge individuals on the basis of their contributions to Eternity forums.

Corrections to Eternity articles

We appreciate when readers and people quoted in articles point out errors of fact or emphasis and will investigate all assertions. These suggestions should be sent via email through our website here.

To avoid distracting online conversations, comments suggesting a correction will be redirected to our corrections process to be answered by the author, rather than with a quick response from a social media moderator.

This will ensure a speedier correction when required.

Retractions and announcements will be published here.

Thanks for making Eternity forums a safe environment for healthy discussions about good news.

Seriously, thanks.