Important Announcement

An important announcement from BSA Group CEO, Grant Thomson

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the difficult decision made by Bible Society Australia Group to end Eternity News in its current form, marking the closing chapter of a significant era. This means that effective 30 April 2024, the Eternity News print magazine, website, weekly newsletter and social media platforms, along with the Eternity Jobs website, will cease.

We praise God for the profound impact Eternity News has made on the Australian Christian landscape and the blessing it has been to our readers since it became part of the Bible Society Australia group in 2011. We share our sincere thanks to readers and contributors who have supported Eternity News throughout its journey. We also acknowledge the incredible dedication of the Eternity News team, under the recent leadership of Rebecca Abbott. But also, we’d like to honour what John Sandeman did, starting Eternity on his kitchen bench in 2009. It’s amazing.

Why has Bible Society Australia made the decision to close Eternity, and why was this such a hard decision?

Bible Society Australia Group is a mission-focused organisation, and as stewards, we had to ask if the media ministry of Eternity News aligned with our future strategy for fulfilling our core mission and vision. After extensive discussions by the board and management over several years, particularly regarding the affordability of Eternity, it became clear that it is no longer possible to continue with the media ministry.

What role has Eternity News played over the last 13 years within the BSA group, and what impact and blessing have you seen?

Eternity News has been a blessing as it has helped Bible Society Australia (BSA) be aware of the breadth of the church, of the body of Christ. It has brought awareness of different denominations, different perspectives, and stories of faith. It has been a huge blessing to have stories highlighting everyday faith and the reality of what it means to live as a Christian.

I think a big impact has been felt through Naomi Reed’s ‘Faith Stories’, which has been amazing, because it’s been about telling peoples’ journey of faith. I also think Eternity’s focus on BSA’s work with Indigenous communities has been a huge blessing.

I’d say that a really important impact of Eternity’s ministry has been in keeping the body of Christ aware of what other parts of the body are doing and the way God is working in so many people’s lives.

I think the fruit of Eternity’s ministry can also be seen in how it established and validated Christians who are writers and thinkers and producers of that form of content, giving them a platform that has a level of credibility to publish some of their thinking. I think that sometimes in the Christian church space, people who have gifts of speaking, singing and other creative forms can be expressed. But if you’re a writer, a poet, or a long form narrative writer, or a storyteller, or a wordsmith… Eternity News has been a blessing in that it has given that platform to people, and I think that’s been really amazing.

In the coming weeks, join us on the Eternity News website and social media channels as we reminisce over the unforgettable stories and memories of Eternity. Explore all content on the Eternity News website before we bid farewell to this chapter.

With heartfelt thanks for your prayerful support,
Grant Thomson
CEO, Bible Society Australia


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What can I expect to see on the website in the lead up to the closure on 30 April?

In the coming weeks, join us on the Eternity News website and social media channels as we reminisce over the unforgettable stories and memories of Eternity. Explore all content on the Eternity News website before we bid farewell to this chapter.

What will happen to all the Eternity stories currently available online after 30 April 2024?

More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Who can I talk to if I have a question about a donation I have recently made to Eternity?

Please reach out to our donor support team at [email protected] or call on 1300 242 537

Will I still be able to post job listings on the Eternity Jobs website before the closure? 

All paid listing options including Premium Listing and Premium Listing (2 pack) have now been removed from our website and can no longer be purchased. Free Listings will still be available until the closure, however once the website has been shut down on 30 April 2024, Eternity Jobs will cease to operate.

Our recommendation would be not to post free job listings after 31 March 2024, to ensure your job listing doesn’t expire before the website shuts down, and you have time to retrieve any applications.

I am an Employer who has advertised on Eternity Jobs. What will happen to my login? 

Access to your employer login will be removed from 30 April 2024. We recommend retrieving any documents or information you require before closure. 

What is the planned timeline for Eternity Jobs website closure? 

Our planned timeline is the following:


  • Purchase of new premium listings will no longer be available
  • Employers can still register for access to Eternity Job online portal
  • Employers can still post Free Listings 


  • Last Eternity Jobs social post on Eternity News socials on last week of March.
  • Last weekly newsletter that will feature job listings will be sent by Eternity News in the last week of March. 

30 April:

  • Website will be shutdown.
  • Free listings will no longer be available.
  • Employer will no longer be able to register for access to Eternity Job online portal
  • Employers will no longer be able to login to their online account.

In the absence of Eternity News, where can I continue to engage with or support Australian Christian content from Bible Society Australia Group?

If you have enjoyed the content or have supported the work of Eternity News, we hope that you will consider exploring other parts of our work.

The Bible Society Australia Group encompass:

  • Bible Society Australia our charity arm who translate, distribute, advocate for, and engage all people with the Bible here in Australia and overseas
  • The Centre for Public Christianity (CPX) engage the public with a clear, measured, and respectful picture of the Christian faith and the way it can impact all of life for the good
  • Koorong bookstores around the country stock Australia’s largest selection of Bibles and Christian resources to equip churches and individuals, and
  • Acorn Press publish books that build on BSA’s mission, expand Bible engagement, encourage and equip Christians and church to live well in an increasingly secular Australia.

Together we Open The Bible to all people by all means possible.

What will happen to my data and contact details that I’ve previously shared with Eternity News?

Please see our full privacy policy here:
If you would like to opt out of any future BSA Group communications please email [email protected]

Who do I contact if I have any further questions? 

For any further questions please contact our team at [email protected]