Farewell from the Eternity team

As Eternity News draws to a close, our team offers you, dear reader, our personal, heartfelt goodbyes. 

Anne Lim

Deputy editor, 2015-2024

My heart is full of thankfulness as I reflect on my nine years writing stories for you. It’s been the best job I could ever have designed for myself. I had covered myriad subjects during my decades of experience in mainstream print journalism, but always struggled to get anything with a Christian flavour published. How kind was God to give me the opportunity, in the last season of my career, to marry my hard-won skills in reporting and interviewing with the deepest and most important part of me – my Christian faith. Imagine the thrill of having the freedom to write moving testimonies of God’s saving grace, and highlight unsung heroes of ministry and mission here in Australia and across the world!

One of the best aspects of being a journalist is the privileged access it gives you to people the world judges to be important or influential. At Eternity, I had an unparalleled and unprecedented opportunity to tell the stories of people the mainstream media overlook – stories of transformed lives, growth in the kingdom of God and inspirational people who persevere in trusting God when the worst happens. I am so thankful to have been able to listen to their stories, pray with them and gain a fuller understanding of the Christian life. I have been changed and shaped by living in the light of Eternity and I hope you have, too. God bless.

Eliot Kern

Content producer, 2022–2024

Eliot Kern

The circumstances that led me to join the Eternity team in 2022 were nothing short of miraculous. From day one, the role has been a unique opportunity and blessing.

When it comes to ideas and stories, I’m a bit obsessed. And I can’t imagine a role with more chances to hear inspiring stories and discuss profound ideas. Australia is enormous, and God is at work in our country in countless ways.

I’m sure it sounds dramatic, but I’m convinced there will never be another team quite like this one – a unique combination of constant encouragement, exceptional skill and purposeful diligence (incidentally, a great description of Bec Abbott herself).

It has been a constant privilege to magnify the voices of faithful Aussie Christians, who themselves invariably testify to the faithfulness of God. So that’s my encouragement to you, Eternity reader. Please continue to notice, depend on, praise, celebrate, marvel at and testify to the faithfulness of God.

Aziza Green

Content producer, 2023–2024

Though my time at Eternity was short, it was meaningful and defining in many ways. Listening to and writing stories has been the most beautiful and rewarding work I could ever have asked for. Many of the stories I worked on have changed me in some way. Many of the stories I’ve read by my brilliant colleagues and our insightful contributors have nourished my soul.

Our readers and contributors are a rich, discerning and encouraging community of people. I’m grateful to have connected with so many diverse, intelligent, faithful people, united by the sharing of ideas, stories and hope in this space.

Finally, to my colleagues with whom I share this farewell note… I’m truly overwhelmed with gratitude for your kindness, mentoring, camaraderie, debates, book swapping, co-labouring and laughter. I will forever cherish this moment in my career because I got to share it with you. Bec, Anne and Eliot, I’m honoured to call you my friends. I am sad our time together is over, but I’m excited to cheer you on from the sidelines as you explore new territory and conquer new mountains.

Rebecca Abbott

Head of Eternity News, 2022-2024 and senior writer, 2018-2022

Bec Abbott

Few privileges are greater than listening to and telling stories about God at work in people’s lives. To do this as a profession is one of the greatest privileges of all. It’s a privilege that I – along with every other Eternity team member (past and present) – haven’t taken lightly. We have worked hard to find the stories that mainstream media overlooks. The stories of faith and courage in adversity. The stories about the ordinary person doing extraordinary things, only through God’s strength and enabling. Stories about church communities showing the love of Jesus to those around them. Stories that – unlike the doom and gloom of most news – build faith and offer hope.

Thank you, dear Eternity reader, for choosing to support a Christian publication. Thank you for choosing to support this Christian publication. I often imagine you reading our stories online or in our magazine, and I will genuinely miss your company. I hope that you will continue to support other Christian media outlets and in doing so, that many more stories of faith and hope will be heard and shared. (As a start, you can find your local Christian radio station on the Christian Media and Arts Australia website by clicking here.)

As we part ways, at least for now, allow me to pray over you this beautiful benediction from Numbers 6:24-26:

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”