What to watch this Easter (plus Eternity's highest rated movies)

Looking for some entertainment for the Easter weekend? Here’s a collection of three Easter-related movies to check out, followed by a bonus list of some of Eternity‘s highest-rated movies and most popular reviews.


The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ has been the subject of a multitude of films. One might think that everything has already been said about this story. However, veteran director Kevin Reynolds (Tristan & Isolde) delivers a fresh spin on this exceptionally well-known tale. This screenplay, which remains impressively faithful to the historical story, considers the view of the man who was in charge of ensuring that Jesus’ body remained dead and buried.

Could Jesus and his followers be telling the truth?

Pontius Pilate (Peter Firth) wants to keep political order; the Jewish leadership wants to keep this disorderly sect from growing; and the disciples of the ‘King of the Jews’ have gone into hiding. Then the news comes that the tomb has been emptied and there are rumours that Jesus has been seen walking among the people in the area.

Clavius turns from guard to investigator and must find the body of the prophet before disorder erupts. In the process, the Roman centurion is introduced to the strangely non-rebellious lot who call themselves followers of the man on the cross.

Could Jesus and his followers be telling the truth? Could this be the end of the Roman Empire as Clavius knows it?

Available on Netflix, Apple TV ($2.99), YouTube ($2.99)

The Case for Christ

During his time as an award-winning journalist and outspoken atheist, Lee Strobel was confronted with the impact of Christianity in his personal life. Due to a traumatic life experience and his wife’s decision to become a follower of Jesus, Strobel set out to expose this religion as being a centuries-old hoax.

The Case for Christ is based on the true story of Strobel’s expedition to support his scientific point of view and to show Leslie (Erika Christensen) that she has chosen the wrong path of belief.

Throughout his investigation, Lee has the opportunity to interview some of the leading minds in theology, archeology and science, which leads him down a path to startling results that will shape his life, his family and those who meet him along the way.

“A cinematic gem”

At the heart of the story, the relationship between the Strobels and the passion on both sides of this theological quest make for praiseworthy entertainment and introduce the compelling evidence found in the book.

A slightly stereotypical ending shouldn’t dissuade anyone from considering this cinematic gem.

Available on Koorong Media, YouTube ($3.99), Apple TV ($4.99)

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene has the potential to be an unmitigated disaster or a fascinating study of this woman’s perspective on the details surrounding Jesus.

Award-winning actors Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix play lead roles, and Academy-Award-nominated director Garth Davis (Lion) has done his due diligence to honour the writings of the original authors.

Rooney Mara as Mary Magdalene

Rooney Mara as Mary Magdalene Transmission Films

Mary (Mara), a young woman who lives in a world of spiritual and social conflict in her fishing village, starts to follow a radical new teacher named Jesus of Nazareth (Phoenix). However, as Jesus’ fame and the opposition against his teachings grow, Mary and the others must decide how far they are willing to go to associate with these new views of the world of God.

Many may find Mary a less familiar character than they thought.

This is not a Christian film but an arthouse film centring on some of the most important figures in Christian history. Christian viewers may experience discomfort, not because of heretical content but the idea that unrecorded elements of life continued around the biblical accounts.

The challenge will be to go and read the actual accounts of Mary, the disciples and Jesus. Many may find her a less familiar character than they thought and be pleasantly surprised by the reintroduction.

The historical records of Mary do not have enough content to fill a feature film, but that does not mean Mary’s story should not be told. Mary Magdalene delivers quality storytelling and respectful treatment of history.

Available on Apple TV ($4.99), Amazon Prime ($4.99)

Eternity’s highest-rated recent films

One Life

“Nicholas Winton’s determination to save their lives and have their stories told was legendary. Between the performances and the history, One Life is one of the best films of the year.”

Journey to Bethlehem

The forbidden love of Mary and Joseph, a poisonous rivalry between King Herod and his son Antipater and the buffoonish antics of three Wise Men are at the heart of the new Christmas family film, Journey to Bethlehem.

“We’re telling an important story with eternal value, but we’re having a lot of fun doing it.”

Sound of Freedom

After the immense popularity of Sound of Freedom stunned US pundits, the biggest faith-based film in recent memory came to Australia. Based on a true story, Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard discovers a child sex-trafficking ring and makes great sacrifices in his effort to take down these evil networks.


“Offers families the very thing they have been looking for in holiday entertainment. Wonka provides terrific characters, fantastic writing and beautiful musical numbers that will entertain fans of the legendary Roald Dahl character and those just being introduced to his imaginative world. What a breath of fresh air in the world of family films!”

Jesus Revolution

A top-three movie in Australia and New Zealand at its opening, Jesus Revolution sparked a powerful movement of God in Hollywood, according to its director Jon Erwin.

Jesus Revolution is one of the top Christian films of 2023

Jonathan Roumie as Lonnie Frisbee in Jesus Revolution Lions Gate Entertainment

“There’s an uprising on behalf of Christianity within the studio system in Hollywood at every level. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my career,” he says.

The Chosen

If you haven’t seen The Chosen, the global sensation about the life of Jesus and his disciples, you’re simply missing out. Beginning in 2017 as a pioneering crowd-funded project, the groundbreaking historical drama has become one of the most-watched shows worldwide. The first three seasons are available for free online, with each episode drawing millions of views.

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