Seven months on – Eternity’s greatest hits

Seven months after starting online news, our most-read news posts include two from our special atheist edition – Greg Clarke’s and Michael Jensen’s piece suggesting atheists are right about a lot of things concerning Christians.

At the front of the pack is our insider account of how Hillsong writes its music. A Sydney Writer’s Festival transcript on what homosexual people really want out of marriage also made the top five. But our story on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee gift of close to 1 million Bibles is by far our most popular story on social media.

Our top five stories (August 2012):

  1. A Royal Gift – Bibles to celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  2. Inside Hillsong music
  3. Top 10 propositions for Christians and atheists today by Greg Clarke
  4. The atheists are right by Michael Jensen
  5. What sort of marriages do homosexual people want?