Minority report: I am an Arab-Israeli Palestinian Christian woman

In this interview with Centre for Public Christianity Dina Katanacho, Director of the Arab-Israeli Bible Society based in Nazareth, talks to Simon Smart about the challenges facing women living in Israel and her identity as a Palestinian, a Christian, an Arab, and an Israeli citizen. She talks about the hardships of living in a warzone with a family and expresses her passion for seeing women in the same position as her “live out their potential.”

“Growing up as a child I am a twin with a boy…for my brother he can do many things he is allowed to do, but I am not allowed because I am a girl,” says Dina.

“But I believe women are gifted too, and they have skills.”

Through her work with Bible Society, Dina wishes to use those skills and help women find a voice.

Watch the full clip to hear the rest of the interview with Dina Katanacho and Simon Smart.

Minority Report – life as a Palestinian Christian Arab Israeli woman from CPX on Vimeo.