Breaking News: Moore becomes a University College, Avondale a University

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has announced upgrades for several education providers including Sydney’s Moore College, which becomes a “University College”, a new category of provider.

TEQSA, Australia’s independent higher education regulatory and quality assurance agency, has completed the transition of Australia’s 186 higher education providers to new category standards.

The new University College category … recognises high-quality institutions and provides them with new opportunities to develop course offerings.

Following TEQSA’s assessment, Avondale University College has been registered as an Australian University. TEQSA has also registered the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and Moore Theological College in the new University College category.

The changes follow today’s commencement of the revised Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021. The revised framework incorporates the recommendations of the 2019 review of Provider Category Standards.

TEQSA Chief Commissioner Professor Peter Coaldrake said the revised framework would simplify and enhance the categorisation of higher education providers, ensuring the category standards remain fit for purpose.

“Australia has a strong higher education sector and these reforms will support greater provider diversity, with a focus on embedding excellence across Australia’s evolving higher education landscape,” said Professor Coaldrake.

“The reforms include the new University College category, which recognises high-quality institutions and provides them with new opportunities to develop course offerings that meet the future needs of students, employers, industry and communities. The updated standards also include augmented research requirements for universities.”

In congratulating the four providers changing category, Professor Coaldrake noted TEQSA had undertaken a comprehensive and thorough approach to ensuring the revised category standards were fairly and consistently applied.

“TEQSA congratulates Avondale for achieving the requirements for registration as an Australian University under the Higher Education Standards Framework,” Professor Coaldrake said.

“Our decision recognises Avondale’s commitment to student outcomes, its significant research progress and Avondale’s contributions to the communities it serves.

“TEQSA also congratulates NIDA, AFTRS and Moore Theological College for being the first three providers to be registered in the new University College category.

“Each of these providers demonstrated to TEQSA that they offer high-quality higher education and meet the standards for registration as University Colleges.”

TEQSA’s national register is being updated to incorporate the new provider categories.

TEQSA’s site also contains further information about the 2021 Threshold Standards.

Moore College’s Principal, Mark Thompson commented

“The higher education landscape in Australia is changing and there is an appropriate concern to maintain and increase the quality of the education experience for students. Moore College is committed to serving our students with an excellent theological education which equips them well for Christian ministry in a wide variety of contexts. Today’s announcement from TEQSA is an encouragement to keep doing that and to do it even better. We have every reason to thank God for this development.”

He also remarked, “A great deal of effort from a range of people has gone into the application process. We are especially grateful for the time and energy put in by our Registrar, Ms Rhonda Barry. Without her it simply would not have been possible.”

Moore College’s new registration as a University College will be for seven years.