Change lives across the world from your own home

Video conferencing lets you see how Christ is changing lives via FEBC radio and internet in Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and North India

FEBC Australia is launching its new dollar-a-day Frequency Partner program in order to have more air time, develop more programmers, and provide more quality Christian content for millions of listeners across the 50+ countries and 130 different languages in which the media mission broadcasts.

FEBC’s Frequency Partner program will connect Australian supporters directly and regularly with mission fields via live video conferencing. This will include being able to submit questions about the work being done in each mission field and hear directly from field directors about location-specific changes, challenges and successes.

“Effective communication of the good news of Jesus needs to reach people far and wide through frequent contacts,” said National Director, Rev. Kevin Keegan, FEBC Australia. “We know, because our listeners tell us, the more they hear, the more familiar they become with the life-changing message of Christ. The more time we can be on air, the more frequently they will hear that message, meaning more people come to know and love Jesus.”

FEBC is a mission of faith and miracles, ringing out the Good News via radio, internet and modern media for over 70 years. Its incredible cost-effectiveness cannot be overlooked: $15 keeps stations on air for 15 minutes, and listener feedback each year shows that almost 70 people each minute are impacted.

“One of the reasons that I love this ministry is that it is so cost effective.” – Barbara Coburn

“Daily we are amazed by how God reaches out through FEBC and modern media to share the good news of His son to all corners of the earth,” added Rev. Keegan.

It is a sentiment echoed by donors: “My husband and I have been supporting FEBC for longer than I can remember. One of the reasons that I love this ministry is that it is so cost effective. It also gives me the ability to pray for people all around the world every day of the week,” said Barbara Coburn, a long-term FEBC supporter from Queensland.

“It is a joy for me to give and wonderful to hear of the far-reaching, life-changing ministry of FEBC. God wonderfully blesses us,” wrote Helen Cougle, another long-term supporter from Woolgoolga, NSW. Or Mr. B. Curtis, who is more than 90 years old, told FEBC: “I thought FEBC was a worthy cause to support partly because I did not witness to many people myself, so why not support an organisation that did?”

More than 1778 people groups still have no Scripture in their language. FEBC uses radio to reach ethnic minorities in places never reached before.

Becoming a FEBC Australia Frequency Partner will mean many important, exciting things.

More people around the world who do not yet know Jesus will be introduced to him

There still remain isolated communities and ethnic minorities to reach with the good news of Jesus. More than 1778 people groups still have no Scripture in their language. FEBC raises up ethnic language broadcasters and programmers, so all people groups may hear God’s Word in their own language. FEBC uses radio to reach ethnic minorities in places never reached before.

Families strengthened, persecuted Christians encouraged, first-generation churches built and new Christians grown

FEBC produces life-changing programs, including community outreach, care package and radio distribution, family and marriage seminars, sex trafficking and suicide prevention. In countries where it is dangerous to be a Christian, FEBC provides believers with valuable input, encouragement, spiritual food and training: the church on radio. With first-generation churches, FEBC provides bible correspondence courses, on-line seminary training, and encourages listeners to attend.

Hope will be shone into darkness and lives changed

FEBC’s radio and internet programs are designed to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ. FEBC’s local teams are “salt and light” to their audience, making a tangible difference in their community and, as they do so, they reveal God’s truth in a compelling way.

Being closely connected to FEBC’s mission field: See how the smallest gift has the greatest impact

Frequency Partners will be able to virtually visit the places they pray for and support. They will receive up-to-the-minute info via an in-depth, two-way, video briefing delivered over the Internet. FEBC Australia will record each conference and will make the replay available to all Frequency Partners unable to watch live. Frequency Partners will see what FEBC overseas partners see, take virtual tours, and be as close as possible to the work without having to step on a plane.

In exchange, FEBC Frequency Partners will be asked to set up regular giving arrangements, pledging an amount of financial support – starting from $1 a day – on a monthly basis.

“Each year 9 million people tell us how their lives are changed as a result of what they hear and see from FEBC,” said Rev. Keegan. “Our tagline is ‘Let Them Hear’ – we want listeners to hear God’s word via our radio and media ministry. We want supporters to hear how God is answering prayer and using their support. FEBC’s new dollar-a-day Frequency Partner Program helps us do that.”

To become a regular giving FEBC Frequency Partner – from $1 a day – call FEBC Australia on 1300 720 017 or go directly to our site. Sign up today so you can join in the conference call with the director of FEBC Russia at the end of March.