Christian funny man HiJosh isn't laughing

(Because. Lobster.)

Comedian Josh Hawkins is adept at finding the funny side of life, but he’s not laughing this week.

On Sunday, with just five weeks to go until their wedding day, he and fiancee Cat Vasilakis, drove to the wedding venue they had booked at Tamarama Surf Lifesaving Club in Sydney’s posh eastern suburbs. There, they discovered the tasteful lemon building with blue trim they had booked had been given a paint job… and it now featured a gigantic orange lobster.


Former youth pastor Hawkins is well-known and loved across the country for a being able to elicit a giggle from almost anyone. His distinct brand of clean (and ridiculous) humour has made him a firm fan-favourite with Aussie audiences – whether he’s recapping TV programme The Bachelor, ‘auditioning‘ for Australia’s Got Talent, or throwing things perfectly into other things.

In 2015, Hawkins received international acclaim when his video ‘How to speak Australian: Abbreviate everything‘ went viral, even making the global news media.

But the jokester is struggling to find the humour in Tamarama’s gaudy facelift, with he and Vasilakis taking to Instagram to ask if anyone had a farm/hall/garden/house/anything big enough for a wedding (and wasn’t painted orange).

In the meantime, their friend “@nomescody” has proved ready to fill in the lack of humour, messaging a few on-theme jokes of their own to the frustrated couple, including: “I’d be heaps crabby with that!”, “I’m just ‘shell shocked’ for you both” and “It’s just so shellfish of them!”.


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