Coming soon: 'Aussie Blessing' online choir video

Good news for all those Australian Christians inspired by the ‘UK Blessing’ online choir video that went viral on the interwebs last week – an Australian version is in the pipeline!

The English video featured worship leaders from a range of Christian traditions singing a blessing over the United Kingdom, during the challenge of coronavirus constraints.

Eternity has learned that Australian Christian worship leaders from across the country have recorded their own video segments, with submissions now closed and editing underway.

While well-known faces can be spotted in the UK version – including Deliriou5’s Martin Smith and multi-award-winning singer/songwriter Tim Hughes (from Holy Trinity Brompton) – the video’s strength is the expanse of different leaders singing a unified prayer over their nation.

And, while we don’t want to give any secrets away, Eternity has it on good authority that denominational and geographical diversity will be a key feature of the Aussie Blessing – with plenty of glimpses of this beautiful land.

“The heart behind the video is to unite, celebrate and honour as many different denominations, groups and ministries within the Australian church, in Jesus’ name. In that, it is our heart not to highlight any one group over another,” the Blessing Australia’s website explains.

“In coming to this decision we sought the advice and counsel of multiple Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders and ministry leaders, who gave us unified counsel in this matter.

“It was agreed this heart will best display the multi-faceted, multicultural nature of God’s creation, ultimately honouring and giving him the glory he deserves.”

Organisers are delighted to have received more than 300 video submissions for the Aussie Blessing project.

Organisers are delighted to have received more than 300 video submissions for the Aussie Blessing project – including many from leaders who are known and loved internationally.

Plus, we hear there’s also a few extra special Australian features planned.

For anyone who didn’t get a chance to experience/bawl their eyes out over the UK blessing video, check out the video below. Hot tip: just you wait until the Salvation Army guys start – we’re not crying, you’re crying!

And, let’s also give credit where credit is due, make sure you check out the original ‘blessing’ video created by Pittsburgh USA Christian leaders whose ‘art’ was most certainly inspired – and many might even say ‘prophetic’.

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