Imminent announcement expected from Hillsong re alleged ‘moral issue’

Both the secular media and the Christian rumour mills are in overdrive today concerning an imminent announcement from Hillsong. Australian news site Crikey ran a story this morning (18 March 2022) headlined “Hillsong’s wall of silence points to a brewing scandal – which may be about to break”.

Crikey has suggested that the announcement relates to a “moral issue”, and says it has been stonewalled in its attempts for any clarification.

The paper writes:

“Hillsong, too, has declined to answer Crikey’s written questions on the alleged moral transgression. Our sources have indicated there are non-disclosure agreements.”

“The changes – and the flurry of whispers – has come after a longish period of rolling scandal and crisis for Hillsong and its ‘global pastor’, Brian Houston.”

The online paper concluded its report saying that no one is returning its calls or emails to “confirm or deny the new scandal”.

Eternity will report on the announcement (assuming one is coming) as soon as we receive it.