Insurance with social responsibility? Now that’s a novel idea

For many of us, our insurance policies tick over each year – travel, life, income protection – and we give little thought to where the cover is coming from or where the profits are going. Yet, as the insurance industry continues to make record returns, it’s a question that should concern all of us.

Matthew Zschech, founder of Christian Insurance, is committed to a socially responsible business model that’s worth considering the next time you think about your insurance.

“An insurance provider that can give back to those in need.”

“The philosophy of Christian Insurance is simple – to provide leading insurance products which include social responsibility,” explains Matthew. “Simply put: we all need to be insured – and now you can select an insurance provider that can give back to those in need.”

Matthew gives great consideration to every strategic charitable partnership that Christian Insurance has. It works with many strategic charitable partners, to ensure a percentage of your annual premium only goes to charities whose projects meet a high standard.

Christian Insurance partners with charities such as Compassion Australia, Hope Global, The A21 Campaign, Hillsong, CityCare, Anglicare and Bible Society Australia.

When a Christian Insurance client purchases a policy – Travel or Life – 10 per cent of their policy supports a Christian Insurance charity partner of their choice.

Each of our charity partners is a registered Australian charities, so your money goes to trusted boards with transparent processes which do God’s work wherever it’s needed.

It’s a challenge to make good social justice decisions when we consider the effects of our purchases on the disadvantaged, the environment and future generations.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed with trying to do good in the world, yet Christian Insurance has done the hard work by establishing healthy partnerships which invest in the ongoing sustainability of the mission work of leading Australian charities.

Bible Society Australia

Christian Insurance partners with Bible Society Australia to spread God’s word Bible Society Australia

Shared values with Bible Society Australia

The newest charitable partnership for Christian Insurance is with the Bible Society Australia. The goal of Bible Society Australia is the same goal Bible Societies around the world have been pursuing for some 200 years: to translate, publish, distribute and engage people with the Bible.

Head of Strategic Partnerships at the Bible Society, Scott Walters, comments on the Bible Society partnership with Christian Insurance.

The financial industry needs corporate leaders to demonstrate ethical business strategies

“Values drive Christian Insurance’s business and the values are grounded in the biblical ethic. Together, we exist to serve the community, both secular and Christian, and in that sense there is a natural partnership with Christian Insurance and Bible Society.”

Scott has a great admiration for the work of Christian Insurance at a time where the financial industry needs corporate leaders like Matthew Zschech to demonstrate ethical business strategies. Scott also offers us a great reminder that all we have is a gift from God and we must aspire to use our gifts ethically.

Helping to bring Hope: Global

Another important Christian Insurance strategic partnership is with Hope: Global.

Hope: Global brings hope to people through education, training and income-generating skills in countries which have been devastated by genocide, war or poverty. Hope works across East Africa and Asia and much of its programs and activities are delivered by teams of volunteers. So, it’s critical for Hope: Global to be able to ensure it can offer quality travel insurance to their volunteers.

Paula Fasano, the Youth and Education Program Manager at Hope: Global, highlights the importance of their partnership with Australian Christian Insurance. “Christian Insurance shares a vision to give back and help make a difference in the global community, which is what Hope: Global is all about – impacting people globally.”

Hope: Global

Hope: Global – Rwandan youth ambassadors Global: Hope

“Christian Insurance has been extremely helpful in assisting Hope: Global with ensuring we have the right policies and that our volunteers who travel overseas with us are covered properly. Our teams have been covered by Christian Insurance for over two years,” says Paula.

Christian Insurance covers Hope: Global volunteers in Rwanda working on the Ruhinga Christian Academy Education and Community Development Project. This project aims to establish a school in a small community in eastern Rwanda, an area that is still experiencing severe poverty. There are many obvious challenges to volunteers who are working in areas such as eastern Rwanda, and good insurance cover is essential.

It’s not hard to see the importance of the mission work undertaken by the Bible Society and Hope: Global, as well as the importance of strategic partnerships which enable them to deliver God’s word to communities across the world.

Christian Insurance enables you to contribute to supporting the good work of these and other partners, on many challenging and important projects. At the same time, Christian Insurances also offers you peace of mind through quality travel and life insurance cover.

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