Jesus. All about Life – a campaign designed to help local churches this Easter

Churches across Australia and the South Pacific are uniting with a common message this Easter: Jesus. All about life.

It’s simple message – when humans are faced with the question, “What is life all about?”  we, as Christians, have the answer. Jesus is the answer to all the big questions of life.

Some Christians will remember the first “Jesus. All about life” campaign back in 2005 that brought unlikely denominational partners together in order to amplify the message of Jesus at Easter. It was, for all intents and purposes, a very successful campaign. It even earned high praise under the microscope of ABC’s The Gruen Transfer (now simply called Gruen)  – a television show focused on advertising.

This iteration – Jesus. All About Life or “JAAL” as we’ve taken to referring to it around our Bible Society Australia offices – has a few differences.

Again, the campaign enables Christians to present the message of Jesus to a watching world. In just four words, JAAL points to Jesus’ life-giving salvation. This, as we all know, is a very different Christian message from the one many non-Christians expect or are used to hearing.

JAAL is an Easter campaign again, timed to point the curious to Christ when the calendar reinforces the message and curious hearts may be more open than usual.

And. just as it did in 2005, JAAL is again allowing a diverse range of Christians right across the region to unite around their common belief that Jesus really is all about life. (Look out for one of the 15 Jesus. All about Life billboards and 11 “bus billboards” across the country!)

But from the team at Bible Society Australia’s (BSA) perspective, breathing new life into JAAL is all about doing something they are deeply passionate about – supporting local churches.

A non-denominational organisation, BSA’s vision is to  “impact and influence Australia and the World by Opening The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible”. And what better way to do that than to equip churches to engage their local communities at Easter?

All churches that sign up for Jesus. All About Life – which is free – are given a swathe of resources to help them put on great Easter services they can invite their local community to, without exhausting the leadership team in the process!

The pack is designed for churches to be easily able to pick and choose the elements that are most helpful for them.

To use now, in the lead-up to Easter, it includes poster downloads, street banner designs, social media graphics, email headers and invite cards. There are resources for planning a service, and for connecting with a local community. There is also a daily devotional the whole church can do.

For Easter weekend, there is a wide range of age-appropriate kids’ ministry resources, including activity sheets, videos, a treasure hunt guide, and free books to giveaway.

For the adults attending “big church”, there are video resources for playing at the start of the service, and “end cards” that can be added to videos produced by a local church team. There are also two brilliant sermons featuring Bush Church Aid’s first Indigenous Ministry Officer, Pastor Neville Naden, and Sydney Missionary and Bible College’s Dr Mark Stephens.

Churches taking part are able to order the newly-created New Beginnings Bible – a stunning, slimline white faux-leather Bible that features resources written specifically with the new believer in mind to help them on their journey – heavily discounted to $5 (despite having a retail value of $24.99).

In addition, BSA is about to launch a “Pastors care pack” which contains three free books, further discounts from Koorong and a wellness centre, and a four-part “healthy self-care” video series with clinical psychologist Leisa Aitken.

With such a vast array of resources available for free, it is not surprising that more than 920 churches have already signed up to take part in Jesus. All about Life this year.

The resource pack has been downloaded 4,000 times already and over 1200 copies of the New Believers Bible have been ordered. BSA’s free kids’ book giveaway Dave the Donkey? has already ‘sold out’ with 20,000 copies ordered and on the way to churches.

Need we say more? Don’t miss out on Jesus. All About Life this Easter!