Jesus helping us through the dark valley: Danny and Leila Abdallah

‘Our children are our reason for living’

Danny and Leila Abdallah, the parents of three of the four children killed by an allegedly drunk driver in Sydney last week, have released a statement emphasising how their faith in Jesus is helping them through their dark valley.

They said their “entire world came crumbling down” after last Saturday’s accident “with the senseless loss of three of our six children, Antony, Angelina and Sienna. A fourth child was also killed; our cousin Bridget Sakr’s daughter, Veronique.

“To begin to encapsulate or express the heart wrenching pain and sorrow we are experiencing in this time would require endless words of despair. This is an unimaginable tragedy; unfathomable beyond all description.

“Our children are our reason for living. Bringing them up in accordance with the ways of God, teaching them to love, affording them every opportunity and nurturing them into positive and impacting young men and women was, and is our life’s purpose.

Each day that passes is a day closer to the day we are reunited with our angels.

“What is life without your children? How and where do we begin to pick up the pieces so that we may be effective parents to our three remaining angels?

“We start with forgiveness.

“We forgive the driver that killed our innocent children. His actions will be met before the earthly and heavenly judge. We have decided, in our hearts to forgive him – for the sake of our children and more so for Christ’s sake.

Our faith in Jesus Christ remains the foundation of our family and we believe it will continue to help us through this difficult time. Each day that passes is a day closer to the day we are reunited with our angels. We will look toward this moment; not backwards at yesterday’s pain.

Our life here on earth is but a vapour in comparison to his eternal plans.

“As we’ve tried to make sense of the past week, the world too has been shaken by this mortifying event. It is our hope that through this, all will know that no matter the pain or despair, God will be a safeguard through this dark valley. He is in control, and eternity sits in the palm of his divine hand. Our life here on earth is but a vapour in comparison to his eternal plans, and the purpose God holds for his children.

“We would like to thank our family, our friends, our community, and so many others from across Australia and the world, for the overwhelming support we have received.

“We are humbled and strengthened by the outpouring of love from each and every one of you. Please continue to join us in prayer during this time. This is a very heavy cross that we’ve been chosen to carry, but it is through God’s love that we keep going.

“May the Peace of God through Jesus Christ be with us all.”

The grandmother of Antony, Angelina and Sienna spoke to Seven News today, about what she called “her treasure”.

She spoke of how Antony, aged 14, wanted to build a prayer room in their home, that Angelina slept with rosary in her hand and “cried every time she sees a tear in my eyes.”

“Sienna my cheeky girl, she’s beautiful.

“How are we going to survive without them? They were my treasure.”



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