Mum, what goes perfectly with breakfast in bed? Pyjamas!

This Mother’s Day, Mission Australia is encouraging families and mums to forget about putting on a fancy frock – and to stay in their pyjamas instead.

To raise money to support homeless families who are doing it even tougher during the coronavirus era, Mission Australia’s Mothers in Pyjamas campaign invites you to host a virtual pyjama party with the mother figures in your life. You can spend the day in pyjamas – the preferred working-from-home outfit of many during the COVID-19 pandemic – and make a donation in honour of mum.

“We are very concerned about the impact of this public health crisis on [those] who are homeless.” – James Toomey

The charity encourages families to get involved by holding Zoom pyjama parties, PJ-clad Skype calls or FaceTime sessions to express love for their own family and give hope to another family in need.

While Mother’s Day will look different for everyone this year in the age of physical distancing, Mission Australia CEO James Toomey said: “While many isolate at home, many of us can’t truly understand what it’s like to be homeless, particularly during this pandemic.”

“Our Mothers in Pyjamas fundraising experience is an opportunity for everyday families and individuals to connect in quirky and memorable ways, while also extending care and generosity to those who are vulnerable and who may not have a safe place to call home.”

Toomey said there has never been a more critical time to donate and support charities on the front line, such as Mission Australia.

With 116,000 people who are homeless in Australia, including 44,000 children and young people, homelessness rates are rising. They are set to increase further due to COVID-19’s consequences, such as rental stress, growing unemployment rates and a shortage of social and affordable homes.

“We also hope this fundraising opportunity spurs conversation and consideration among family members and our communities about the plight of people who are homeless or vulnerable, which can arm everyone for further action and advocacy,” Toomey said.

“As a charity with a focus on reducing homelessness and strengthening communities, we are very concerned about the impact of this public health crisis on people and families who are homeless or who are at risk of being pushed into homelessness.

“More needs to be done to ensure [they] are looked after … To support people experiencing homelessness to stay well, reduce the spread of the virus and ultimately end homelessness, appropriate accommodation must be available, right across our country.”

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