Now you can be part of the Easter story

Ever wonder what it was like to be part of Jesus’ inner circle? To actually have been there at the time of Christ, in the days leading up to the moment that changed our human story forever?

Bible Society Australia’s HolyTXT campaign this Easter, #IWILLFOLLOW, will take you right into the action, with live texts from Jesus’ disciples on their journey to the crucifixion of Jesus.

“It’s the biggest story that’s ever been told about Jesus who’s risen – it never gets old!” – Greg Clarke

It’s the third year for HolyTXT, which Bible Society CEO Greg Clarke says is a way to invite people to “belong to the story and discover what it means to follow Jesus.” Last year, more than 4000 Australians signed up to take part.

“We’re really excited that users will have a direct link into Jesus’ inner circle, and remember that they are on the journey to the cross together,” said Clarke.

To be part of HolyTXT, you’ll need to sign up to receive texts on your mobile phone or through Facebook messenger. Head here to sign up.

For those too young for social media privileges, or phones of their own, there are other ways to engage with the Easter story this year. Tapping into a child’s love of mystery, Bible Society has developed a little book for children called ‘The Seriously Surprising Story’, designed for preschool and primary school ages.

The lyrical book, with words by spoken word poet Dai Wooldridge and illustrations by Emma Skerratt, tells of the story of two of Jesus’ followers who encounter the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus, as recorded in Luke’s Gospel (24:13-35).

“Children have a strong sense of mystery,” says Clarke. “Any parent can imagine the countless questions that the reading [of this story] would provoke. Why didn’t these two unnamed figures recognise Jesus until they sat down to eat? Why didn’t Jesus introduce himself? Why did he disappear? Where did he go? Why did they run back to Jerusalem when they had only just arrived?”

“It’s the biggest story that’s ever been told about Jesus who’s risen – it never gets old!”

As the book describes, the two met with Jesus “in the most surprising way! They shared the story, and we will still share it today.” Bible Society Australia is offering three free copies of ‘The Seriously Surprising Story’ to Eternity readers, while stocks last. The offer ends 12 April 2019, so head here to order your books and download the animated video

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