THE KINGDOM SAT: Reaching Arabic speakers with the gospel

Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef is a global broadcast ministry reaching 190 countries in 26 languages with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As part of its outreach into the Arabic world, in 2009 Leading The Way launched a satellite television channel called THE KINGDOM SAT; a 24/7 Christ-centred teaching and content channel aimed at Arabic speakers.

Reaching more than 190 million homes, the channel has a unique reach into the lives of Arabic speakers in the Middle East and around the world not only by its broadcasts, but also through its dedicated, in-country, field teams.

“After I found THE KINGDOM SAT, I called the field team who directed me to know the truth in the Lord Jesus Christ. In Islam, there was no way for me to ask questions. But when I started reading the Bible with a searching heart, blindness fell off my eyes. Jesus’ words touched me deeply and took away the darkness. I found myself when I found Jesus.” – Ahmed, Morocco

Leading The Way field teams hear from people like Ahmed daily as these passionate and local team members follow up viewer questions and often lead people to Christ by email, phone and in person.

Recently, at a live televised event in Cairo in October this year, Leading The Way celebrated the 10th Anniversary of THE KINGDOM SAT and the countless lives who have been impacted. In God’s timing this celebration coincided with the launch of THE KINGDOM SAT here in Australia and New Zealand.

“We are overjoyed that The Kingdom Sat is now available on the Optus D2 Satellite in Australia. For us this means that the Australian Leading The Way team can replicate the ministry that happens in the Middle East as we reach those who speak Arabic in our own neighbourhoods. Arabic is the third most spoken language in Australia, and each year many people from the Middle East seek to come to Australia to escape war and persecution. While they seek physical freedom in Australia, we want them to know true freedom that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour,” says Chris Makin, Regional Director of Leading The Way Australia.

God continues to open doors for Leading The Way to reach into some of the darkest and hard to reach places on earth with the Gospel, particularly in the Middle East. With the launch of THE KINGDOM SAT in Australia and New Zealand, as well as increased radio and TV coverage and the discipleship of new believers, God has positioned Leading The Way right here in Australia and New Zealand to reach our diverse and culturally rich communities. The local team of Leading The Way is boldly pressing into a new and exciting year ahead.

James Hinchon, Development Director for Leading The Way Australia, writes: “We are so thankful for the prayers of our faithful supporters which are vitally important to everything we do here at Leading The Way, as well as the incredibly generous gifts of those who support our work financially. From here at home in Australia, their prayers and financial support are impacting thousands of lives around the world through our radio, TV and discipleship field teams.”

This December, Leading The Way is running their DECEMBER GIFT CHALLENGE.

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By partnering with Leading The Way today, your support will continue their exciting and unique reach into countless homes around the world with the gospel. You can also stay up to date with all the exciting things happening through the ministry on their website or on social media Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef Australia and New Zealand.

You can contact Leading The Way in Australia here or phone 1300 133 589.

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