The real story of Christmas - for free!

Hundreds of thousands of copies of a free kids book from Bible Society have been claimed in time for Christmas

More than 200,000 copies of The Really Good News of Christmas, a giveaway booklet offered by Bible Society Australia to churches and individuals, have been ordered and the number is still rising.

The Really good news of Christmas

The Really Good News of Christmas, published by Bible Society Australia. BSA

Most Aussie kids think Christmas is all about holidays and “stuff.” But Christmas is better than that. The Really Good News of Christmas is an eye-catching little book about the true message of Jesus’ birth. This colourful 28-page book features simple text and bright illustrations aimed at children aged five to seven. However, its narrative is suitable for all children and adults as well.

The booklet has been offered free to churches and individuals to give away. The church offer has closed with 1350 churches taking part.

An animated version of the story can be watched at individuals can still order up to three copies of the book for free.

Meanwhile, Vision Christian Media has sent out 40,000 free copies of the Superbook First Christmas DVD to subscribers to its free quarterly devotional, The Word For Today. Superbook is one of the world’s most popular Christian resources for kids, but is only just making an entrance to the Australian market. Superbook is an animated television series (currently screening on the Australian Christian Channel) that translates Bible stories into tales of adventures for two time-travelling children and their robot friend, Gizmo. Together, they travel back in time and witness stories from the Bible first-hand.

Superbook The First Christmas DVD

Superbook: The First Christmas DVD Superbook

James Tillman from Vision Christian Media, who manages the Superbook brand in Australia, told Eternity, “We are hoping that hundreds of thousands of children get to watch the real meaning of Christmas this year, and that many will give their hearts to Jesus.” Copies of the DVD can be purchased for a special Christmas outreach price (from $1.20 a copy).