LEGO Mavens assemble!

The Big Family Build Competition 2023

LEGO fans looking for a creative school holiday activity can rejoice as entries are open for The Big Family Build LEGO competition 2023. This Australia-wide annual event, organised by Zenos Media, celebrates the joy of building with LEGO bricks while exploring Christian themes and ideas.

This year participants can showcase their creativity and faith by building a creation based on the concept of ‘Journey’.

Every year families compete to build the most impressive creation as they deepen their understanding and appreciation of biblical stories and truths. This year, participants are invited to give their distinctive interpretations of the journey theme. You could choose a story of a journey from the Old Testament, such as the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt to the promised land or a journey from the New Testament, such as Paul travelling to Rome. You may even choose a story from church history.

This year, entries to The Big Family Build will be judged by Josh, Caleb and Andrew – familiar faces from Australia’s popular brick-building competition, LEGO Masters. So Eternity asked judge Caleb for his top tips for building a winning creation.

Here’s what Caleb recommends:

Focus on storytelling

As you build your journey, think about how you can compellingly tell its story.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do the bricks do most of the talking? Or is it hard to communicate the story?
  • Does the LEGO show the story’s motion and emotion? For example, if you make the journey of Noah’s Ark, are you showing the movement of animals or the thrashing of the waves?
  • How can you show the emotion and feeling of the story you want to tell? Or if you want to be funny – go nuts! Don’t hold back.
Nice LEGO parts usage

Using a LEGO piece in an unusual way can create interest (and humour) in your build. It also shows you have put thought and care into it. We want to see your most astonishing techniques!

Is a boomerang an eyebrow? Is a surfboard a leg? Are minifigure legs an architectural decoration? Have fun with it!

Consider composition

How have you arranged the different elements of your journey? Can we see all the elements at once? Have they been thoughtfully placed?

Ensure your LEGO build is organised and has the right colours and sizing, so the journey story makes sense and looks fantastic!

This LEGO building competition is a great way to foster creativity, strengthen family bonds and encourage spiritual growth as families consider the journeys of faith that they find in the Bible or church history.

To be a contender in the Big Family Build competition, you must form a team of at least two family members (or someone you consider family) and get photos of your epic LEGO creation submitted via the Zenos Media website by Sunday, July 23, 2023.

You can use LEGO or DUPLO bricks to create your construction and remember there is a special category for the best build by under 16-year-olds. There is also a people’s choice award, so encourage your friends and family to vote for your build once you’ve submitted your entry!