Thinking about switching to a more meaningful career?

Are you considering a shift to a more meaningful career? If so, you’re not alone. Research indicates that most people will change careers at least once in their lifetime, with an average of three to seven career changes before retirement. This number leans towards five to seven careers for the current and upcoming generations.

Common motivations for making a career change include:

  • Seeking a fresh start after leaving a job (due to personal or workplace decisions).
  • Pursuing a career with more opportunities for growth, promotion, or progression.
  • Striving for greater benefits or achieving a better work-life balance (including improved pay, work hours, holidays, etc).
  • Aiming for a more fulfilling and meaningful work experience, which, for some, involves integrating faith with work.

Do any of these reasons resonate with you? If so, here are some steps you can take to prepare for your next career change while still in your current role:

1.      Reflect and pray: Consider your life and career. Are you fulfilled and engaged? Does your work align with your passions? Reflecting on these aspects can help you identify when it’s time to make a move. Seek wisdom through prayer and discussions with trusted Christians who can provide counsel.

2.      Nurture professional relationships: Building a network of professional contacts is crucial when making career changes. Maintaining relationships with peers and mentors may open doors and opportunities, and you never know when your paths may cross again.

3.      Professional development: Seize every learning opportunity your employer offers. Broadening your capabilities and keeping your knowledge current is essential for a successful career change. It might even inspire your next move.

4.      Part-time study: Some careers require returning to study for specific skills and qualifications. Teaching and counselling are examples; the good news is you can continue working while studying part-time.

Morling College, alongside its courses in Bible and Theology, provides various options for career changers seeking to integrate their faith into work and study from a Christian perspective.

For instance, “The Christian Teacher,” offered in partnership with CHC, is a quality teacher training program rooted in a Christian worldview. Students study online part-time and gain practical experience in a Christian school during their degree. With a predicted shortfall in the number of teachers required, graduates from this program will be highly sought after in the Christian, Independent, and State schooling sectors. According to QILT Surveys (2021-2022), students rated their experience of studying Teacher Education through CHC well above the national average.

  • 89 per cent found employment upon graduating.
  • 91 per cent were positive about their skill development.
  • 92 per cent rated teaching practices positively.
  • 93 per cent were satisfied overall.

“I chose studying a Bachelor of Education because I’d love to invest in students’ lives and draw them closer to God in any way that I can,” says student Rachel.

If you are passionate about ministering to the next generation, explore “The Christian Teacher.” Students are eligible for Commonwealth-supported places, making the degree extremely affordable.

Morling Counselling courses are also favoured by career changers. Upon completing the Master of Counselling, graduates can register with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) as a Level 2 practitioner or the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) as a provisional graduate member. This qualification opens doors to various roles, from self-employed practitioners to employment in agencies, schools, government, or non-government organizations.

The course aims to offer students as much flexibility as possible while maintaining a strong focus on developing skills and awareness so students can balance work and studies. But be warned: studying counselling at Morling has been described as a ‘transformational experience’. This course will deepen your knowledge of self, others, and God while allowing you to explore who you are and who you are becoming.

The opportunity for professional growth, family-friendly hours, and meaningful work contributing to God’s Kingdom are compelling reasons people choose teaching or counselling. If these strike a chord with you, explore Morling’s programs in Teaching Education or Counselling.

In exploring these avenues, you’re not just changing careers; you’re embarking on a journey that aligns your vocation with your values, integrating faith into every aspect of your professional life.

The Christian Teacher program- You can make a difference from Morling College on Vimeo.

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