Christian Porter gets a Star Wars tattoo

Um, cool … But what does it mean?

Politicians going through with election promises is what their supporters want. Attorney-General Christian Porter has kept his “first promise” – by getting a tattoo of a Star Wars plane.

The X-wing starfighter ink was revealed by the Liberal Member for Pearce in Western Australia via Twitter.

“A symbol of prevailing against the adversity of what appear to be overwhelming odds,” Porter explained about the starfighter’s meaning.

Reactions to Porter’s choice of body art were predictable and heavy on the puns.

One month ago, Porter told The West Australian that a Religious Freedom Bill was high on the Coalition Government’s agenda. But before you take issue with Porter’s priorities, the “massive Star Wars fanboy” did quickly tweet that “now back to the business of Govt: delivering tax cuts”.

The recently inked MP also affirmed his own portfolio focus: “More reforming family law courts to make the system better for families; protecting agricultural producers from trespassing activists; ensuring integrity in registered organisations like the CFMEU and introducing a new regime of protecting religious freedoms.”

That last issue might have grabbed your attention but what about the meaning behind the X-wing tattoo? “A symbol of prevailing against the adversity of what appear to be overwhelming odds.”

Not sure exactly what Porter is referring to but he has joined a huge group of people who have picked tattoos for the same reason. Take all the followers of Jesus who get a crucifix permanently etched into their skin, for example.

Porter’s summary of such symbolism couldn’t be more accurate about what the cross represents to so many. And it’s a tattoo less open to Star Wars wisecracks.

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