Fans in a frenzy as dc Talk does a Nu Thang

“Will there come a time when dc Talk says ‘Let’s just give it another shot’?” asked Dave Clutter from US radio station 98.5 KTIS, giving voice to a generation of church kids.

dc Talk band member Michael Tait responded with the news every once-cool-Christian-kid from the ’90s was hoping for: “I’ve got news for you. We just finished the dc Talk cruise yesterday, Pete and I. TobyMac performed, dc Talk, K-Max, Newsboys. But next year dc Talk will be doing a land cruise.”

But wait? What is this cruise he’s talking about?

Apparently, the Christian rap band have already reunited and have been channelling their luv to lucky cruisers sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida, to Nassau and Coco Cay in the Bahamas aboard the ‘Jesus Freak Cruise’.

And there’s more. Not only are everyone’s favourite Christian hip hoppers aboard, but also Newsboys (the band that Michael Tait is now part of) and funny man John Crist and others. And as a bonus for anyone who has moved on with the times – dc Talk members TobyMac and Kevin Max also perform their current, solo act material. What more could a forever-young-at-heart church kid/adult ask for in terms of cruise ship entertainment?

But with the announcement of dc Talk doing a Nu Thang, US (land) tour dates confirmed by Tait for 2020-2022 and fans reportedly in a ‘frenzy‘, the obvious next question is whether the crew have plans to hip-hop on a plane and come Down Under to Australia anytime soon.

And more, importantly, if they do, exactly where in the light should loyal fans position themselves to faithfully proclaim that Jesus is still all right with us?