Finally, socks and sandals are in!

Christians everywhere, rejoice!

Good news for all the Christians who have been mocked as socks-and-sandals wearers because of their faith. It so happens that this is now an A-list trend.

We have David Beckham to thank for this unlikely pairing, after he proudly sported a pair of black slider sandals with white sport socks for a snap of his wife Victoria’s Instagram.

But it’s not just Beckham who is embracing his inner dag. This liberating trend hit the runways of Europe earlier this year, just in time for their summer season. And according to the textbook on fashion, Vogue, the style has spread faster than a Chanel lipstick: “… everyone from Justin Bieber to Sophie Turner has taken the humble pool-slide-and-sock look for a spin, and Kendall Jenner donned camping socks with Birkenstocks last summer. Meanwhile, Katie Holmes wore the trend to a formal affair by wearing a heeled sandal with a sheer sock, proving that the combination can be just as cool outdoors as in.”

Perhaps it’s fitting that Justin Bieber – who Vogue has officially dubbed the “king of socks and sandals” – espouses the Bible alongside his choice of footwear. In addition to the Scripture passages peppered throughout his Instagram feed, Bieber’s latest tattoo – on his right shoulder – consists of the words from Psalm 119:105: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

For those of us already on board with this trend, thanks to coronavirus wardrobe rejigging, you may be excited to hear it’s already been taken to a whole new level: Crocs and socks. Again, Bieber is the pioneer of this look, encouraging fans across the world to proudly pull out their plastic gardening shoes and team them with footy socks.

However, if you are still hesistant even as you drag out your sandals this spring, there are some expert tips around on safe sock-and-sandal adornment. These include scrunching the sock “low enough so there is space between the bottom of the calf and the top of the sock” to avoid your leg looking “unshapely and ‘log-like’”. There’s also guidance on choosing the right sock and sandal combination.

If you still remain plagued by that lingering question – what would Jesus wear? – be assured that sandals were definitely part of his ensemble (as implied in multiple biblical passages including Matthew 3:11, Mark 1:7, and John 1:27). As for the socks, there’s absolutely no telling whether he would have gone there, given the choice.

But, as controversial trends like these are so often here today and gone tomorrow, surely it’s time for us Christians to own it while we can.