The shocking true story of Wonder Woman

She’s the superhero created to promote sexual deviance

Are you a fan of Wonder Woman? Did you know she was created to encourage children to embrace sexual practices such as bondage and multiple partners?

A long way from this year’s blockbuster adventure Wonder Woman, arthouse drama Professor Marston and the Wonder Women presents itself as the true story of how the DC Comics warrior came to be. As Mark Hadley outlines above, the birth of Wonder Woman is a startling tale of a comic-book artist trying to promote sexual deviance.

Also at cinemas this week, pitch-black comedy drama Suburbicon. Spend a minute to minute to find out if you should spend more time with this George Clooney/Matt Damon satire of urban life.

Correction: A previous version of this article indicated Wonder Woman was a Marvel Comics superhero. She is, in fact, part of the DC Comics universe.

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