What is Colin Buchanan's favourite song?

The legendary entertainer performs his surprising, personal choice

Colin Buchanan is a household name – and so many households around Australia, and the world, have been soundtracked by him for the past two decades. Celebrating 20 years since he released his first Christian album for children, Remember the Lord, in 1996, Colin Buchanan has just started a national Australian tour.

There are many things that Buchanan’s young – and old – fans already know about him. From his popular role on ABC TV’s Play School to being Australia’s best-selling Christian artist for the all-ages market, Buchanan is beloved by countless families. But what you might not know about this highly popular and energetic entertainer is Buchanan’s personal pick from his extensive back catalogue.

What’s Colin Buchanan’s favourite song from all of his material?

I’ve sung it at almost every concert ever since.”

Eternity asked Buchanan for his personal pick – and his choice might surprise or shock you.

“My favourite song is The Lord is King,” revealed Buchanan, as he performed an exclusive version for Eternity.

Unlike many of his upbeat songs, The Lord is King was written as a direct response to the upsetting events of the 9/11 attacks on New York City, in 2001. One of Buchanan’s children was “horrified” by the news coverage of that terrorist attack. To help his daughter process what was happening – and how God is involved in such global events – he picked up his pen, paper and guitar.

“I wrote a song called The Lord is King, based on Psalm 2. And it starts with ‘You might have seen bad things happening on the TV news’… and I’ve sung it at almost every concert ever since,” explained Buchanan.

“I just love what that song is saying; it’s an important moment of gravity in the mayhem of a kids concert.

“It’s special to me.”


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